Trick for Brows, on Fleek


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Ready in: Depends on each person's expertise!

Serves: Plenty. This will last for years, even a decade.

Difficulty: None. 

0 calories, Enjoy your hair free life!



  • A magnifying mirror can come handy.


  • YES


  1. Easiest tweezers to use on the market.

  2. Sharp slanted tip removes even the thinnest of hair.

  3. Don't forget to clean it with rubbing alchoohol.


Brows are a huge deal when it comes to framing the face. Having a great pair of tweezers in a makeup collection is essential. Nowadays, it's all about the brow products, but before we start filling them in, we need to make sure that we have the best shape possible to work with. A well structured eyebrow is essential for every makeup look, from a no-makeup makeup to a bridal one, it can make or brake a face! 

Tweezerman Slant Tip tweezers have been awarded by Allure magazine, thus making them one of the most famous tweezers in the market. We won’t be discussing here how to pluck and groom eyebrows; there are tons of posts and proper video tutorials out there! However, if you would like us to write a more detailed post about it, leave a comment below and we will deliver. The mini slanted tweezers are a must have, wherever you go! 

As a makeup artist, it is an important tool to always include in the kit, no matter what. From eyelash application, to removing a couple of persistent hair to achieve the perfect eyeshadow blending, this tool will become your best friend. These tweezers, are the best, high-performing ones I have tried so far. Its grip will remove even the thinnest hair you might have. 

It is the easiest and sharpest pair of tweezers I have used and I always recommend it to clients. With proper care and use, they last for years and years; this alone will justify the price. They are easy to use due to their shape, making it a piece of cake to pluck the eyebrows in a straight line. If there is zero experience in eyebrow plucking, I recommend starting slowly by removing only the excess hair at first and taking it from there. For more experienced people, it'll speed up the process and perform miracles for precision work.

In order to keep them alive for as long as possible, make sure to store them in their own little case and not drop them on a hard floor. It can damage the tip of it and trust me, there is no going back from there. I have done this a couple of times but again I went back and purchased another pair.  Do not through away the silicone band which keeps the tweezers together; this is the most important thing. It'll ensure that the slant tip stays sharp and protected.

As always, be cautious with every tool used. Be sure to always follow the instructions and no harm will be done. We know that it is a no-brainer but this is just a reminder!


  • A handy thing to know is that Tweezerman will also resharpen the blades for as long as you own this pair of tweezers! Send them by post and they will send them back sharpened, in a small plastic tube with a little cap to protect the points. 

Please do not over pluck!



Photos: Courtesy of Tweezerman

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