They See Me Rollin'



Ready in: For as long as you keep rolling. 

Serves: Only yourself. Why would you share this? It's been on your face. 

Difficulty: None, it's actually pretty fun

0 calories, if anything it's considered a workout. 


  • This can be used with a serum or even on its own


  • Absolutely! It's a favorite product in my skincare routine. 


  1. A cold jade stone that is used to benefit the skin on your face
  2. A small and practical tool
  3. Always apply in an upward motion! 


"Do I really need a jade roller"? This was my friend's question when she saw me using mine. She has me use all sorts of products and then she decides what works best for her. Her follow up question was if I even needed one. Truthfully, I did not. I don't need most of these products; I choose to include them in my routine. When it comes to skincare, I want to be extra. I'd rather fast forward steps in my makeup routine and take the time to do what's best for my skin. I've been reading on the jade roller and its benefit for quite some time now and decided I wanted to give it a try. There were countless ones online, Amazon, ebay, you name it! I had seen a video by Lisa Eldridge where she discussed her facial massage routine and although she did not specifically use the jade roller, I started researching all sorts of facial massagers. Take a moment and read a previous review of a facial massager gone wrong. That'll help you understand why I love the jade roller so much! 

I'd like to start with discussing the importance of the stone itself. The jade stone has a natural physical healing to it. If you are one who reads upon crystals and energy healing, please do comment below and educate the rest of us! From the information gathered by the EQ team, we found out that the stone carries a sweet, nourishing energy. Besides having actually benefits for your body and organs, it also offers purity to the energy level. I'll blatantly disclose that this is not the reason behind my purchase. Now, reading upon all its benefits, I'm even happier to have it in my collection. 

As far as its use as a tool, it's fairly simple. You roll this onto your skin either on its own or with a serum, depending on preference. When a serum is added, the massage is smoother and you'll avoid redness on bare skin. There are two ends to this tool. The larger end is for your face and neck area and the smaller one is to be precise with your under eye area. Ideally, a massage with the jade roller should last for three to five minutes. Massaging the face and neck area helps with blood circulation, which plumps and firms the skin. Continuous use has been known to improve with fine lines and helps the skin absorb whichever product is used beforehand. This can be done day or night. This is how I've incorporated it in my routine. I store it in my fridge so it always has a cooling effect on my skin. 

After washing my face, I used my toner and was about to apply my night serum. I picked up some product with my fingers, tapped it around my face and went in with the jade roller. I started in the middle of my face and worked upwards toward my hairline. I apply pressure as I make my way up and let it roll down on its own. If I have any breakouts or a zit, I'll avoid applying pressure to those areas. Needless to say, careful around the eyes! The smaller end of the jade roller is ideal for that area. I find that it works best in the mornings, when my eyes are puffy. I'll use the jade roller for 2-3 minutes and my eyes are instantly calmer and concealer application is much easier this way! Now that it's part of my daily routine, I must say how relaxing I find it. Something about the motion on my face, the feeling of a massage and my soothing serum, makes me feel as if it's a ritual. I find that after a minute, my hand movements are steady and I don't have to think about the entire process. So, added bonus of how calming I find it! As far as differences on my skin, when I use it daily I do see that my face is somewhat brighter on its own, without me applying any products. If there is a hint on puffiness on my face, I can surely say the jade roller takes care of that. I'll continue using it and try to incorporate other products and see how they perform. 

Before concluding the review, I did a bit more research in regards to genuine jade. I doubt that for the price I bought it, it is in fact real jade. If you are not looking for the energy healing benefits and simply want it as a facial massager, I believe you'll be fine with this one. If crystals and gemstones is a passion of yours, I'm sure you'd prefer to find authentic jade. Regardless, I simply wanted to point out that this might not be made with an actual jade stone. 

Do you love this product? Should I go ahead and invest in the authentic one? Let us know what you think. Sound off in the comments below!




Photos: Courtesy of Amazon

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