Mixing Colors



Ready in: Seconds!

Serves: Plenty. With proper care, it can last for decades.

Difficulty: None. It will make your life easier!

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  • This might become your staple tool


  • YES!


  1. Easy to clean and store.

  2. Affordable yet stylish.

  3. Can become your next vanity staple tool.


Mixing palettes are a makeup artist’s must have. On those little surfaces magic happens! From customizing foundation colors to amazing new textures, even ideas for new products, it can all happen on this palette! Every artist has one, or used one at some point.

A struggle that my non makeup-artists friends have experienced and expressed, is that leaving the house, they notice patches of makeup on the back of their hands. I am guilty of it too, but at least I have the excuse of being a makeup artist and saying “that’s my job”. I know that a lot of women are not bothered walking around with makeup on their hands but let’s face it, it is not pretty and it can stain our nice clothes without noticing it. I am here to offer the solution to this problem!

Investing in a palette like this one, even if you are not a makeup artist will let you explore your inner artist and leave your hands and clothes clean! It is a stainless steel palette, it stays on the makeup vanity for every use. In order to clean it, wipe the leftover product away with a disinfecting wipe preferably. It will last for a long time and will give the opportunity to start mixing and experimenting with more products. On that note, if you are wondering about its size, it is a little bigger than your palm.

This particular one from Inglot is an affordable yet stylish palette that resembles an actual color mixing palette! I would definitely suggest trying it because the possibilities are endless!

Are you guilty of mixing your foundation on the back of your hand too? If yes, leave a comment in the comment section below!


  • When you are having a good skin day try mixing your foundation with a pea-size amount of your moisturizer and a couple of drops of your favorite highlighter on this palette. The dewyness of your skin will be unreal.




Photo: Courtesy of INGLOT

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