Brows on Point!



Ready in: Depends on each person's expertise!

Serves: Plenty. You can use both sides as a brow gel.

Difficulty: None. 

0 calories.


  • A mirror can come in handy.


  • YES


  1. Stays on from day to night.

  2. It only costs $2.

  3. It does not flake at all and keeps brows on point.

  4. Has two sides, one for clear mascara and one as a brow gel


I love well groomed eyebrows. A pet peeve of mine is to see weirdly shaped, forgotten about eyebrows. I believe that eyebrows frame the face and give definition to any eye look. Even when I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I make sure that my eyebrows are on point. When I am working with clients, eyebrows are one of the first things I take care of. Eyebrows lift the eyes and when done well, they'll offer that sharp look we're looking for.

I was in search for a dupe of the MAC Clear brow gel at the time. During a visit to Target, where I ended up buying a ton of ELF products (hot brand at the time), I found this item for only $2.00 and decided to give it a try. I ended up stocking up, and bought five of them to take back with me in the UK because ELF wasn’t available at the time in Europe.

It is a tried and tested product and I’ve gone through many tubes of it. I do not use the mascara side at all as I find that lashes need a stronger hold, but I use both ends as a brow gel. During the years, I have tried plenty of clear brow gels but most of them flake during the day and it looks like as if there is dandruff on the eyebrows - yikes.

For its price it is a well performing product. It does not flake, nor does it feel heavy on the eyebrows and most importantly, it can last from day to night. It makes a huge difference on the face when our eyebrows are groomed, in shape and ready to compliment the rest of our face. So, thumbs up to ELF for creating such a product. 

This gel will work better with  fuller eyebrows and do not need to be filled in, more so “tamed".  Fill them in with a pencil or powder and brush them on top with the clear gel. All products applied will stay in place! 

The only issue I have with this item is that it is not waterproof at all, so on hotter days, especially now during the summer, I use something a bit stronger. The rest of the year though this is one of my go-to's.

What is your favorite drugstore find? We love finding inexpensive gems such as this one! Comment below one of your favorite brow items for us to try next. 


  • Depending on the amount of eyebrow hair, decide how much product is necessary. Start applying the least amount possible and build or remove depending on the look you're going for. 

Please do not over pluck!




Photos: Courtesy of E.L.F Cosmetics

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