Eyelashes, Set, Go!



Ready in: Depends on your experience with eyelash application. A glue like this definitely helps in this.

Serves: Plenty. It will last you more than a year.

Difficulty: Some. Again, depends on the level of experience.

0 calories, no one should eat glue.



  • A pair of tweezers


  • Yes.


  1. Most sought after eyelash glue in the market
  2. Gives you enough time to apply and dries quickly.
  3. It dries completely clear.


The natural look is in, no one can deny this. We see fresh faces that are glowing all around the web. Glass skin is the new trend and the amount of highlighters in the market is growing rapidly. Many companies focus on their new released lightweight foundations and give special attention to the freshness of the skin. 

The feature that can compliment this natural look the most, are the eyelashes. Big and voluminous, natural looking eyelashes can intensify any type of look from day to night. Eyelashes are an instant eye look enhancer and sometimes mood booster for us. Your eyes look awake and enhanced and give the ''look to kill’’.

This post is dedicated to the easy application of eyelashes that can be achieved with the right glue. Using the right glue makes life easier when it comes to the application and the duration of them staying put on the eyes. No one would want to see half of an eyelash falling off in the middle of the night, right? We have tried many eyelash glues during the years, even the ones that usually come in the package when purchasing eyelashes. Nothing performs as well as the trusted DUO glue and is as easy to remove at the end of the day.

This DUO glue comes in two types and the most well known one is the blue package depicted in the photo above. It gives enough time to perfect the application of the fake eyelash and dries clear and quickly, leaving the lashes looking naturally enhanced. There is also one that dries down black if you are going for a more intensified look. If you are not a makeup artist, I would recommend using the blue one, as it is versatile and can be used in every look. Even if mistakes happen, no one will be able to tell. No need to purchase both glues as the product has an expiry date and it will last around a year. Just a tip on saving a little bit more money!

When applying eyelashes, one great tip is to apply them as close to the natural eyelashes as possible. This can be achieved by using any type of thin, slightly pointed tool to carefully push the lash on top of the natural eyelashes. This can even be done with the back of a pair of tweezers. Use whatever is available but caution to stay away from pointy items.

It is a glue that can be safely used around the eyes and therefore around your face if you want to be more creative! It does not contain: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. You have to be extra careful with the products that you use around your eyes as they can cause allergies and infections easier than with the rest of the face. 

When on set, I see this eyelash adhesive in every makeup artist's bag. It is definitely one of the most sought after eyelash glues in the market that truly works. It isn't only my opinion here, the entire makeup artist community can agree.


  • Make sure that before applying eyelashes for the first time to give yourself a bit of time and space for errors.

Good luck with this one!



Photos: Courtesy of Sephora

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