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Ready in: 2 minutes. These brushes are here to help/

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Difficulty: None. Get the airbrush effect with not much effort.

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  1. Best alternative way for concealer application.
  2. A tip that many people know but usually they forget.
  3. Airbrush finish is a major thing at the moment. These brushes will help you achieve it!


Forget the classic concealer application brushes. Flat concealer brushes are great for product application but not for blending. Many people are fans of the must-have cult item, beautyblender which works perfectly for blending, but at the same time because of its nature as a sponge, it absorbs a lot of product. We are here to give you a well known tip between makeup artists, and that is to apply concealer with a fluffier brush to get a smooth and seamless result in concealer application.

The reason behind choosing a shadow, crease or a stippling brush instead of a flat concealer brush is that it works perfectly in dispersing the product evenly all around the under eye area without dragging the product. Flat concealer brushes usually leave under eyes with creases and lines. By blending the concealer with a crease brush for example, it will leave the under eyes streakless and sometimes, using a setting powder might even be unnecessary. (Depends on each individual and how products works on one’s skin of course.) 

Real-life makeup artists and not youtubers, still use brushes to apply concealer. Shocker, right? Below is a list with a curated brush collection when it comes to applying concealer on clients or on ourselves:

This brush is a great tool to have in your collection. This one is especially good if you want a seamless light concealer application or to feather out any harsh lines under your eyes or on your face! Read this article for an in depth review of this legendary brush.

This is a larger, fluffy brush, great for blending concealer. It will absorb a little more product than desired, but its finish will definitely leave you happy. This brush gives a real-life photoshop effect.

A denser synthetic brush for more precise blending. Great for under eyes and for precise blending on the face. A more affordable alternative to the MAC 188S stippling brush that leaves a nice result.

A small stippling brush that is great for blending and leaves a smooth finish. It’s a synthetic small duo fiber brush and because of its bristles, this particular one will leave a perfect result. Stippling brushes are my favourite type of brushes when it comes to liquid products. 

I left this MAC one for the end because it is a makeup artist's favorite for seamless concealer application! This crease brush is used and loved from artists all over the world because it is not only an excellent blending brush but it is well known for applying concealer not only on the eyes but wherever it's needed on the face as well. 

My advice? Start practicing with what you have in your collection and somewhat resembles the ones we mentioned above. Be creative and test your brushes. See which ones work and for what purpose before purchasing more. Every face and skin type has different needs; therefore different tools are required for each person.

For extra insurance, after applying concealer with a brush, go over it with an extra damp beauty blender and push the product into the skin. This way, less amount of product will be wasted as the beauty blender won’t absorb the concealer and it'll securely set it. If you want more coverage or security, go ahead and set it with your favourite translucent or brightening powder!

Of course you can use these brushes in other ways too but they are perfect for concealer application as well. Truth is you can use all of your brushes in different ways than what they are marketed for. What are some brushes in your collection that you have found an alternative use for? Share it with us in the comments below!


  • You can also use these brushes for your face to conceal any spots! The concealer will blend nicely with the foundation therefore leaving a flawless face.

blend, blend, blend!



Photos: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics, INGLOT, Sephora US, Macys

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