Beauty Blender Battles Vol. II



Ready in: Depends on your blending expertise. Should be around 2-3 mins!

Serves: Only yourself. Why would you share this? It's been on your face. 

Difficulty: None, it's all about that bounce girl.

0 calories, looks like an egg but it's not for eating. Now that I think about it could be the perfect easter gift for a friend ;)


  • Your favourite liquid foundation or concealer.


  • Both are a YES from us!


  1. H&M precision sponge is definitely a worthy opponent.
  2. Blending foundation with it, will convince you.
  3. Pricewise it is an item worth trying at least.


Welcome to another battle of the blenders! No, these are not Easter eggs for any gentleman that is reading. These are makeup blending sponges. We are in for another round of the beauty blender battles as our determination on finding a Beauty Blender dupe that is cheaper and works as well - is real.

H&M beauty has surprised us many times with the quality and the pigmentation of many products. We decided to give a try to some beauty tools too. Their price is reasonable so even if the products are not good you are not going to end up crying for spending a large amount of money. 

I bought this blender while on a trip abroad. After unpacking my entire makeup suitcase (it's my job, you can't judge me), I realized that my trusted OG Beauty Blender was nowhere to be found. I stumbled into an H&M as a last resort seeing as how it was the only store open around that time. I did not expect much to be honest but, it was $4.99 so even if it didn’t work I wouldn’t mind. Surprisingly, although even the huge size of it when wet, my foundation was perfectly blended and the sponge was really soft. I used it following morning too, same result. For the price you pay it is definitely worth it.

Comparing the H&M precision sponge with the Beauty Blender, I find that when you wet it, it becomes too big. I would prefer if it was a tad smaller making it easier to work with. I find that it is quite harder from an original  Beauty Blender and it absorbs more product. If you are blending a face foundation the end result is really similar. If you are not a makeup artist I don’t think that you will be able to tell the difference. For concealer blending though, I would not recommend it due its size and hardness. It makes it more difficult to blend the product in smaller areas. I saw that they came out with smaller precision sponges too so this might be the solution to that?!

Has anyone tried the mini version of the H&M one yet? I think it is going to be added to my collection soon! If yes, I would like to know your thoughts in the comments below, because I am curious to know how much it expands as a sponge and if it is the same quality with the big one! It should be better for concealer blending or blending products in corners and more difficult parts of the face!

All in all, you can wash it quickly and it should last you for more than 3 months with proper care. Not bad for $4.99!

I won’t go into a great extent of reviewing the Beauty Blender again because we already have done this in a previous post here. It is the best blending sponge we have tried so far; we know how to work with it, it’s soft and blends like a dream all kinds of liquid products. You only need one tool for the face and this saves you time and money! 

Again the Beauty Blender wins the battle but the H&M precision sponge is a worthy opponent especially for its price! If you don’t want to spend $20 for a sponge then go ahead and get it. We both recommend it.

Beauty Blenders have become such a staple piece in our collections and they are difficult to replace! We will keep trying and let you know! For now, we'll be trying an Easter chocolate egg! Have a good break everyone.


  • Make sure your sponge is a bit extra wet when using because it tends to absorb more product than a regular Beauty Blender.
  • Feel free to set your powder with it.
  • Make sure that you keep it clean and fresh for your next makeup application. Breakouts sometimes are caused from dirty tools and brushes!




Photos: Courtesy of BeautyBlender, H&M Beauty

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