Beauty Blender Battles Vol. I



Ready in: Depends on your blending expertise. Should be around 2-3 mins!

Serves: Only yourself. Why would you share this? It's been on your face. 

Difficulty: None, it's all about that bounce girl.

0 calories, looks like an egg but it's not for eating. Now that I think about it could be the perfect easter gift for a friend ;)



  • Your favourite liquid foundation or concealer.


  • Beauty Blender is a YES, SiliSponge is a NO.


  1. A Sponge and a Silicon are different materials for different uses
  2. SiliSponge is not a sponge - it’s pure plastic
  3. Beauty Blender is hard to compete with


Let the beauty blender battles begin! 

This is our take, reviewing these two hyped products. Our goal is to see their use from a more practical point of view.

First let’s examine the differences in the qualities of the materials. We'll discuss what the sponge is supposed to do and what silicone is in fact made for! Each one should be used for something different. Silicon products can be used to apply and spread out the preferred liquid product on the face or body and not waste any of it; it’s not great for blending, it is as simple as that. It does not absorb any of the product though so it’s cost effective. The Beauty blender on the other hand is a sponge, it's supposed to absorb things - that’s what sponges are made for, and therefore is great for blending. 

Let’s get into the details now!

Starting with the beauty blender, it can only be used when it's wet. This will help in absorbing less product (which is a drawback of the beauty blender) - it absorbs more product than we want to. Although, the final result and seamless blending makes us forget the above. For better performance of the beauty blender it is preferred to be used with a liquid form of foundation/concealer/cream contour/cream highlighter etc. because the material is made to perform better with liquids.

I find beauty blenders to have the best and most gentle concealer application thus far. I’ve already touched upon my history of concealer creasing and my difficulty to find one that doesn’t crease under my eyes. The beauty blender has surely helped a lot in my anti-crease journey. I haven’t given up on concealer application with brushes for my clients (yet). When it comes to my own makeup I always blend my concealer with it seeing how it’s quick and easy. I find more often than not even if I apply concealer with a brush on a client, I'll go over with a little bit more product and the beauty blender. This ensures me that everything looks seamless even in the most difficult areas. I am a beauty blender fan, even if it might cost more as a sponge and even if it eats up more product. The application is too good. It is easy to use and I can see why professional makeup artists love it and why teenage girls starting their journey in this makeup world of ours, are falling in love with it.

I personally own every size and colour. I find small differences in each one (I’m not crazy - it’s my job people!). My favorite ones are the black, beige and the bright pink (although I don’t like that when I wash this one - and I do this everyday, I see bright pink color washing off in my sink). For concealer application on clients, I favour the medium size grey one. The mini beauty blenders are for precise application and for a non-makeup artist it's an unnecessary step. The same result can be achieved with the regular beauty blender. 

Constantly purchasing a new beauty blender is not a cost effective option. The official guideline on the website, is that it must be replaced every 3 months. I find that if you take good care of it, wash AND DRY it properly, it can last up to 6 months. If it's not obvious by all the caps wording, properly drying the sponge is imperative; it’s wet so it can easily grow bacteria. We don’t want that happening. For quicker drying, when you wash your beauty blender, squeeze out the excess water in a paper towel and let it air dry. In the winter, when I am in a rush, I place it on a clean towel above the heater. I’m all about tips and tricks that will make my brush/sponge cleaning routine easier. It's easy to wash with a soap bar under lukewarm water. Let’s be honest here, it’s an expensive sponge. I don’t want to spend $80/year for sponges. And keep in mind that I don’t have only one!

To the SiliSponge now!

I will explain why I am not in favor of this one. The ultimate result we want is for our makeup to look natural and flawless. We don’t want to look artificial and we don’t want to look as if we're wearing any makeup at all if possible. With the beauty blender, your skin is still visible  and at the same time has the desired coverage. On contrary, when using the SiliSponge, you don’t see your skin at all, rather than a foundation/concealer/cream contour/liquid highlighter layer sitting on top of your skin. Plus it makes the concealer crease (angry-face emoticon here).

If you don’t want to waste any product, you can easily spread the preferred product with the silicone sponge but then again for flawless application you will have to go on top of it with the beauty blender anyway. If you have time, you can spread your foundation with the silicone sponge and then go over it with a wet beauty blender for the ultimate cost effective option. But I find that it’s an unnecessary step in your routine! We want to make our life easier at the end of the day, especially when we are in a rush in the morning. This product is not a sponge, it’s silicon. It’s plastic and it does not blend!

I was able to find some good things about this product. The SiliSponge pros are that it can be extra hygienic when cleaning it because it does not soak up any product. With this tool, a little amount of product goes a long way. I don’t understand why they brought it out as a blending type sponge. It might be more hygienic and it might help with the application of makeup but the end result is what actually matters. I have to give a point to this one though because it works nice with stick highlighters on top of the foundation application- beauty blender soaks up liquid highlighters. I’m all in for that extra glow. You can blend it with you fingers as well though let’s be honest, you don’t need a $10 silicone sponge to do this for you. The silicon turns yellow after a period of using it and must be replaced anyway.

The winner in this battle is clearly the beauty blender! Sorry SiliSponge - you are not a sponge.

EQUALIA girls are not impressed.

This is the purpose of these series: to find out if the beauty blender is in fact irreplaceable. Can we find something as good for your face and your pocket? Stay tuned for the next one! If you have a favorite alternative, let us know in the comments below. We are always on the hunt.


  • Pro tip: Make sure that your beauty blender is a little bit extra wet - I repeat a little bit. It will make your makeup blend more naturally and leave a fresh finish. Also, if you want to set your powder with it won’t look cakey. 




Photos: Courtesy of BeautyBlender, Beauty Bay

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