Facial massager gone wrong

recipe gone wrong:


Ready: 3 minutes. I couldn't stand it any longer. 

Serves: Only me and my curiosity to try things that look weird

Difficulty: Hard to endure this pain 


  • Patience and hope that it doesn't hurt. 


  • NO. And in case you didn't see it the first time, it's a NO. 


  1. Hard edges that irritate skin

  2. Doesn’t work with all liquid products

  3. It hurts.. it hurts a lot.


When buying this product, I had high hopes for it. Who doesn’t want to massage their face? Granted, we can do that with our fingers; having a tool specifically designed for that adds a certain flare. While in the body shop store, I tested it out on my hand and on my neck. I can’t say that the feeling impressed me; I figured it needed some sort of liquid product to soften it. I had a gift card and decided I’d give it a try.

The same night, I tried applying my serum with it. I remember cringing throughout the entire process; it hurt more than it should, I knew it. I proceeded to use it with some other products and ended up irritating my skin and feeling as if I scratched my face. I searched for some positive reviews and discovered that you’re supposed to hold it at a certain angle, not exactly roll it on your face, and press hard. I repeat, we are supposed to press these hard edges in our delicate, soft skin. I decided, it was one of those products that just doesn’t work for me and didn’t bother with it any more.

That lasted for two seconds. I needed to find a better use for it. I had to justify the money I spent. I decided to try it on other parts of my body, starting with my thighs. I figured, I have more resilience there. I grabbed my favorite body scrub (I swear, there will be a separate post on that soon) and decided to put this tool to use. And let me tell you, it worked MUCH better. It made absolute sense to roll this up and down my leg along with my scrub. It helped circulate my blood flow and evenly applied the product everywhere.


Moral of the story? If you end up with a product that doesn’t quite do it for you, try and find a different use for it. Or get rid of it. Go crazy; do whatever you please with your life. But if you’re like me, and need to make things work; always search for the alternative use. It’s somewhere out there.

Any roller brush lovers? Tell me what I’ve been doing wrong. I plan on trying the Jade Rollers next, hoping they’ll be a win.



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