Take the night off

Makeup removing RECIPE:


Ready in: A couple of minutes.

Serves: 25 per pack.

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , 100%.



  • No tools required


  • Hmm... Yes, if your skin is not irritated when using wipes.


  1. Good for face makeup removing.
  2. When removing eye-makeup you might need to use 2-3 especially when wearing waterproof mascara.
  3. Not suitable for sensitive skin.


Garnier's micellar water feels like it’s everywhere by now. It is affordable, convenient and it works. It is only natural that Garnier would extend the micellar line of products. We’re here to discuss the brand's micellar water makeup remover wipes! If you want more inside info about the Garnier Micellar water click here.

Full disclosure, I've never been a fan of makeup wipes. I have to use them almost daily on the job because they are convenient and can clean up any mistakes quickly. Plus, they remove makeup from my continuously painted hands like a dream. Otherwise, I like to stay away from them. The reason I tend to avoid them is because there is always makeup residue on the face which usually contains nasty ingredients for the skin. Thus, it not only makes my skin irritated, but for plenty of others as well. Personally, it makes my eyes burn and my face usually turns red and feels irritated. If you have never experienced that feeling, lucky you.

I am always on the hunt for makeup wipes that are hypoallergenic and don’t irritate the skin (as much) because they are just as easy to use on the go and on the job. At the end of the day, even if you've used makeup removers, a proper face cleansing should be practiced.

Since I'm a fan of the Garnier Micellar Water I decided to give in and try the wipes. Although the wipes have similar ingredients with the actual water, my skin still experiences a slight irritation after using them. They perform well when removing face makeup, yet it is close to impossible to remove mascara, especially waterproof. You have to rub your eyes a lot which can cause further irritation and wrinkles overtime. Overall, the irritation factor is not as bad as other makeup wipes I have used over the years so I would say they will remain in my makeup kit until I find a better solution! If and when I find these magic makeup wipes, you'll be the first to know. If you have sensitive under-eye skin, just use micellar water on a cotton pad instead. You can have the travel size bottle along with some cotton pads in a ziplock bag and it'll take around the same space as makeup wipes do in your bag.

If your skin is a makeup wipe resilient type, I will give you more details about the product! It comes in a normal pack of 25 and the price is reasonable. You will definitely get more uses out of a 250ml bottle but we’re discussing the convenience factor here. As mentioned above, they are quite good for removing face makeup and they do not feel rough on the skin at all - which many other brands do. For removing eye makeup, I would personally moisten them a bit more with micellar water (as I previously did to remove mascara in order to avoid rubbing my eyelashes off). If you only have the wipes, try to leave them on the eye for a bit and remove the makeup gently. Start with your eyes first and then remove the rest of your makeup, so the wipes when removing eye makeup have the most product on. You might need to use two wipes to avoid harsh rubbing. 

Never forget, even if you are on the go, rinse your face with water and towel off even with a paper towel to remove any chemicals that will stay on your skin after using the wipes. Even when removing part of the makeup, use a damp cotton pad or a damp paper towel to remove any solution that may stay on your skin.

Is it just me or this micellar trend taking over everything?! Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite micellar products! Any wipes we should try that would impress us?



  1. Don’t forget to rinse with water after using them.
  2. Proper face cleansing should be practiced before you sleep.




Photos: Courtesy of: Garnier USA

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