Overnight Express



Ready in: A minute or so

Serves: Plenty since only a bit of product is necessary for the entire face 

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , if anything at night, we burn more!



  • Your fingertips
  • A face in need of immediate moisture 


  • Yes, we're pleased with the results. 


  1. A deep moisturizing mask that'll replenish the skin while sleeping

  2. Can be used every night, although we found that to be a bit excessive

  3. Will work wonders for dry skin and extremely cold climate


Who's here for a quick, overnight fix? I'm assuming we're all raising our hands and are in desperate need for a mask to replenish our skin. Whether we're facing issues of insomnia, sudden weather changes or life in general, an overnight mask might be the answer to our prayers. This Clinique facial mask promises a deep moisturize while we catch up on our beauty sleep. It is said to sooth and nurture the skin to stay hydrated and promises a dewy, glowing skin as a result. Let's see if that happened in reality. 

Clinique creates skincare products that should be used in order. This means that beginning to end of a skincare routine, all Clinique products will be included. This wasn't the case for me. I needed to know if this product can stand on its own, regardless of the products beforehand. I proceeded with my usual routine and decided to skip my night serum as it somewhat works as a mask. Remember, less is more and I didn't want to pile countless products on my skin. After my skin was clean and clear, I proceeded to apply the mask. I went ahead and applied a small amount on my fingertips and begun to apply it evenly on my face and down my neck. I avoided packing too much product on areas I'd normally get oily and made sure the rest of the face had an even, thin layer of product. Right away, I noticed how comfortable and lightweight it felt. I got ready for bed and hoped for the best results in the morning. 

After 7, nonconsecutive hours of sleep, I awoke and instantly felt that my skin wasn't dehydrated. Usually, once awake, one of the first things I need is full glass of water. My skin felt comfortable, moisturized and above all, lightweight. I did not have the need to immediately rinse off the product. I got in front of the mirror to see the results. I can't say that I saw a jaw-dropping difference. However, my skin is in great condition at the moment; I wasn't expecting to see an entirely new face. I did notice a brighter skin, hydrated and smooth and was content with the results. I decided not to use it every night, rather stick to three times a week. For drier skin types, this would work wonders on a nightly basis. It does in fact replenish the skin and offers an extra layer of moisture. 

I'm more than impressed by this product and the immediate results I was able to notice on my face and neck. When washing my face in the morning, my skin is smoother and absorbs my daily moisturizer and sunscreen evenly. I think that I'll save this mask for winter time. I feel it'll have more to offer then, when my skin is suffering from the cold weather and in need of deep nourishment and replenishment.

Is this something you'd include in your skincare routine? Any other masks we should try soon? Let us know in the comments below. 




Photos: Courtesy of: Ulta

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