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Skin Caring RECIPE:


Ready in: A matter of seconds

Serves: Your beautiful face

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , it's almost like drinking water



  • A face in need of sun protection and skin restoration 

Ingredients I wish it didn't have:

  • None, everything seems fine here. No added scents! 


  • Absolutely! It's a mandatory step. 


  1. Acne-eleminiating benefits 
  2. Kills bacteria and leaves your face ready for moisturizer
  3. Doesn't dehydrate your skin - (plain water does)


A spray toner that kills bacteria? - Yes, please!

Using a toner is an important step in one's beauty routine. It has plenty of benefits, from completely removing the impurities and the left over make up to balancing the pH and helping with the skin's appearance. Toners are usually water based and contain active ingredients that penetrate the deeper skin layers easier. There are plenty of toners out there with different uses, for different skin types and purposes.

Serozinc is an astringent aerosol spray toner. It is usually the last step of my skincare regimen before moisturizing. I usually spray it on my face after I have applied another acid toner to make sure that the outer surface of my skin is prepped and ready to absorb the benefits of the moisturising cream.

I can imagine that you are wondering what an astringent toner is? 

An astringent is a substance that causes the contraction of body tissues, typically used to protect the skin and to reduce bleeding from minor abrasions.

An astringent toner is a water based solution; when applied to the face it helps tighten the skin and reduce the size of pores. This specific one also has acne-eliminating benefits because of its ingredients so it also helps clear acne. It is a great product to use with combination skin or any type of acne - it can only be beneficial. It can be used for all skin types, even the sensitive ones. 

Another positive thing that this toner has, is that when applied, it does not dehydrate the skin, like plain water does. Stay away from that Evian spray bottle and use this one instead!

Ingredient List:

  • Zinc Sulfate (an astringent known for its antimicrobial properties)
  • Water (Just your normal H2O)
  • Sodium Chloride (in other words salt - natural mineral and viscosity modifier)

I have been using it for years now and all I have to say is that I enjoy spraying my face with this one from day to night and especially during the summer months. It can also be used on top of your makeup to refresh your face during the day. It won't leave any marks on your perfectly applied foundation! With some makeup setting sprays I've found the scent to be unpleasant. I'm happy to report this facial spray mist contains on parfum/scent whatsoever (this should be case with all facial sprays).

You need to take care of your skin in all times. Don't forget that it's the largest organ of your body. If you don’t have good skin, you are not going to have perfect make up ;)

Makeup is not about covering - it's about celebrating and accentuating your features! So, always take care of your skin first!

Do you have any holygrail products - toners that you can't live without? Please let us know in the comment section below!


Skin first-makeup second.


  1. Spray it on top of your makeup througout the day to refresh your face and look
  2. Share this with your man too-he'll love it. 
  3. Travel size Serozinc is perfect to place it in one's hand bag and have it handy every time that you might need a Spritz (not an Aperol though!)




Photos: Courtesy of La Roche-Posay

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