No More Kale, Please



Ready in: A couple of minutes, depending on your makeup

Serves: Any area that needs makeup removed

Difficulty: Some yes, one pad is not enough.

0 calories, kale is tasteless



  • Some makeup remover as a back-up plan


  • Mmmm no!


  1. Strong kale scent, which I found unpleasant

  2. 60 pads that can be stored in the fridge to feel more refreshed on the face

  3. Doesn't remove your makeup entirely, you'll need at least 3 pads to get the job done.


Hello and welcome to the skincare lab! On today's episode we're cooking with kale. Please, don't close the tab, keep on reading. These makeup remover pads are ideal for those who need ready-to-go pads when removing makeup. They are infused with kale and watercress extract. This extract helps the skin feel soft and smooth. The pads are gentle enough to use around the eyes and won't sting. 

I'm a fan of the brand, often supporting most of their products. I decided to give this one a try after realizing that it was impractical to keep traveling with my Bioderma remover. I'm not a fan of makeup wipes so I try to stay away from them. Upon reading on the ingredients I figured if I were to use any sort of pads, these would do it. Full disclosure: they did not. Let's start with the obvious, kale does not smell good. Why would I want it on my face? After a long night out- working of course, what else would I be doing- it was time to take off my makeup. I had stored the pads in the fridge because I enjoy the cooling effect on my skin. One pad barely removed the makeup off my chin. Instantly I got the feeling this would take some time; 5 pads later the job was done. My skin felt sticky and I went ahead to wash my face. After using my toner, I discovered that the makeup wasn’t even close to being gone. There was still residue on my eyes and the rest of my face. Needless to say the results did not satisfy me however I was determined to somehow make it work.

I did the math and figured that to remove my entire face of makeup, I’d need an average of 4. There are a total of 60 so I’d be running out of them soon enough. I tried to make it work with one pad, however if you have layers of products on your face, or a matte liquid eyeliner, there is no way one pad will remove it. I decided to use those pads only to remove specific spots of makeup from my face. For instance, if I wanted to change my lip combo, or redo my eye makeup, I would grab these pads. Once again, the scent was extremely unpleasant, especially on my lips but after a while I simply ignored it. Sure, I could have thrown them out, it's not as if they cost me a fortune. Call me crazy, I like making things work even when it's obvious they won't. For the sole purpose of removing small details of my makeup, these worked. I was never entirely happy with them, but at least I didn't waste a regular cotton pad and my Bioderma makeup remover.

Moral of the story? I don't like kale. Jokes aside, I'll occasionally drink it in a smoothie but as far as my makeup goes, I'd like to stay far away from it. This product could have been amazing, if the scent wasn't unpleasant and the pads were somewhat larger. 

What are your thoughts on this product? Any lovers out there? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on it. Catch you in the next post!




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