Magic in the Sheets

Skin Caring RECIPE:


Ready in: Minimum 15 minutes

Serves: Your beautiful face

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , your mouth is closed the entire time




  • A face in need of hydration, moisturize, toning, firming.. the list goes on!


  • Absolutely! I LOVE sheet masks. 


  1. Four sheet masks, each offering something different to the skin
  2. The Sephora one is not on sale at the moment, there will be an alternative listed below
  3. Affordable options for a quick "pick-me-up" for your skin
  4. A breakdown of what to do before and after applying a sheet mask


The weekend is upon us and we're pampering our skin once again. FYI, we'll never stop doing it. We feel amazing when our skin feels and looks good so we'll always work on that. This weekend, we'll talk about sheet masks. I'm sure you've seen them on instagram, youtube, pinterest or any platform you choose to follow. If this is your first time hearing about them, no worries at all! We'll be breaking down the details, how to use them and which ones are worth purchasing. 

We'd like to start by discussing the importance of a clean face before even applying the sheet mask. It's essential to prep the skin correctly. Clean your skin as you'd normally do, apply your toner and if you're going for an ultra moisturizing sheet mask, you can skip the moisturizer/serum application. Those will come after the sheet mask. Once you remove the sheet mask, pat the residue product into the skin until it's entirely absorbed. Then you can conclude your regular regimen with some serum or moisturizer. 

The first mask we have for you is by Garnier (pictured above). This claims to super hydrate the skin and help prevent moisture loss throughout the day. Before trying this one out, I did extensive research and I saw mostly positive reviews. As mentioned above, a sheet mask won’t do work on its own if you haven’t prepped the skin beforehand. Therefore, the research was mostly on bloggers or youtubers who showed their entire skin routine. I gave in and purchased it. It felt comfortable, easy to apply, especially giving the option to tuck it behind the ears. I find that helps the mask stay in place, especially since it's practically wet. However, I did not appreciate the excessive residue of product left in the package. I personally dislike when the mask is soaking wet. It makes it hard to properly apply it on the face and nonetheless, tons of product is left behind. I’ll usually scoop out the product and apply it down my neck just so I don’t feel as if it’s wasted. This sheet mask overall was adequate. I can’t say I fell in love with it or noticed an immediate difference. Since this is a super hydrating mask I gave it a try whilst on vacation where the climate was extremely dry; let's just say my skin was suffering. It did offer some hydration, some being the key word. It was a nice mask that kept my skin hydrated for a few hours afterwards. We'll leave it at that. Yes, I'd repurchase it seeing as how it's extremely affordable and can be used when my skin needs that extra moisture. 

Moving on to the Sephora mask, which I'm sad to see out of stock, was a pleasant surprise. I must say I wasn't expecting much from this mask because I already have a favorite from Sephora. I ended up getting it because it was on sale for $3.00 and I figured even if it didn't work out, I wouldn't have wasted a fortune. It did in fact work out and I feel terrible talking it up now because you can't purchase it. It might still be sold on Amazon or Ebay, but I can't put my finger on it if in fact it's a legitimate item sold through third parties. This eye mask claims to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles and leaves the eyes looking well-rested. I'll immediately state that I saw no difference with my dark circles and it's impossible for a one-time sheet mask to work on the dark circles. Proper sleeping, exercising, managing stress and a better diet are things that'll help you notice an immediate difference in dark circles. The products we add to the routine are merely an addition to the steps mentioned above. As far as puffiness goes, I did see a difference; I appeared calmer. Sheet masks have that effect on me, especially if I'm comfortable when using them. I wish I could repurchase it, but click above on my favorite from Sephora and give that one a try. 

Continuing with the brightening ampoule solution mask, I'll start by saying that I'm constantly trying out Korean beauty products. I love how inexpensive they are and there are many different options for targeted skin care issues. It saddens me to say that I absolutely could not stand the texture of the sheet on this mask. It made me uncomfortable, itchy and I could not let it sit on my face. After a few minutes of trying to distract myself with other things, I gave up and took off the mask. However, I loved the serum on my skin! I removed the sheet by massaging it on my skin and made sure the product went everywhere. It wasn't entirely soaked, which I prefer, yet it left my skin feeling amazing. I took before and after photos and I must say I did notice a brightening effect. I'm inclined to try other products from this line but still skeptical when it comes to the sheet itself. Are there any tips and tricks to make it feel more comfortable against my skin? Help a girl out. 

Last but not least, crystal collagen for the eyes. That's a sentence I never thought I'd be typing. These little eye patches, work their magic fast. They feel light and silky against the skin, which is ideal for the under-eye area. Something I enjoy in particular, is that they stay on even if I'm busy doing other things. They hold on to my skin and do not let go! These are perfect for early mornings where I look as if I was fighting all night with the pillow. They instantly smooth my under-eye area and help me not apply layers of color correctors and concealer. Just kidding, I still do that; early mornings are brutal when you have meetings scheduled. Back to the patches, it's imperative not to reuse these. They're inexpensive therefore there's no need to use the same ones. Think of all the bacteria these will attract, no one should be putting that under the eyes. Once the package is open, immediately apply them under the eyes, not too close where there's danger of product getting in the eye, and pat them down to ensure that they're sitting tight. If they feel uncomfortable, readjust and reposition. 

It's safe to say, I'm still on the hunt for a face mask that'll amaze me! Good thing is, I don't intend on stopping, I'm convinced there's one out there for me. Please, leave some recommendations and thoughts down below. If there's a perfect sheet mask in your collection, share it with the world! 


Skin first-makeup second.


  1. Even if a mask is inexpensive, it doesn't mean it'll work for you. Purchase masks that target the issue at hand.
  2. Don't succumb to the trend of all the "cute" emoji sheet masks or the ones that make you look like animals. Properly do research first. Don't forget this is going on your face.
  3. Once again, prep the skin beforehand and continue with treatment after you've removed the mask.
  4. Use them consistently to see a difference but not too often. Once a week is appropriate.
  5. Careful with sheet masks that contain glycolic acid, especially the anti-aging ones. The acid is too strong for daily use and can cause irritation. 




Photos: Courtesy of: Garnier, Sephora, Peach & Lily and Crystal Collagen

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