Bye-bye dark circles

Under-eye treatment RECIPE:


Ready in: A few seconds

Serves: Your beautiful eyes that need some special treatment 

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , we're working on the eyes 



  • Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator ($60)


  • Puffy eyes with under-eye circles in need of hydration and moisture 


  • Absolutely! This is a holy-grail product!


  1. Great product to fight against dark circles 
  2. Pricey but usually on sale
  3. Consistent use will give best results


A recurring topic that always comes up in the EQ offices is on dark circles and how to deal with them. We have a long selection of products just for this specific problematic area and every now and then we add something more, thinking it'll make a difference. We concluded that stuffing a bunch of different products under our eyes will certainly not fix the problem. We vow to use one product at a time and see if it in fact works. This is the case with the darphin illuminator. Seeing as how it is expensive, we needed to be sure that this and this only works for us. 

Before we jump into the actual product, we'd like to discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves in order for our skin to look and feel healthy. It is essential to get a full night's of sleep, maintain a healthy diet regimen and be consistent and aware with the products you use on your face. Any other additions are secondary; how you treat your skin is what'll make the actual difference. Studies show that dark circles can be hereditary. Therefore it might be out of your reach to completely eliminate them, but not impossible to minimize them. 

This product by Darphin is a dark circle illuminator. It doesn't promise complete transformation overnight. By consistent use and proper care, over time the circles will fade and appear brighter. Think of it this way: we hustle to find the perfect concealer, only to color-correct and use a setting powder to make sure everything sits in place. This illuminator has a lightly tinted formula that brighten the skin and reduce fine lines. This product will work for you in order to brighten the dark circles and moisturize the area under your areas. It might not be a stand-alone concealer and it shouldn't. The philosophy behind it is not to hide dark circles under three different concealer shades but to to illuminate them through a healthy, glowing skin. Some of the ingredients that make a difference in this product are vitamin C and F, caffeine and scutellaria (skullcap). These three are definitely ingredients you want in a product fighting off dark circles. Another amazing thing about this product is the metallic applicator. Here is a product not made out of plastic, a pot you don't have to dip a finger in. The metalic applicator (when cold) soothes your skin, offering a gentle massage whilst applying the product. After squeezing out a bit of product, you can tap or glide the applicator under your areas, above them all the way up to your brow. Ideally, we want our entire eye to illuminate. 

Keep this product in your fridge so the metallic applicator is always cool. It can be used both day and night. During the day, after properly washing your face and applying SPF, apply this product under the eyes. If the tint isn't what you'd like, gently blend it with your ring finger, before applying your usual daily makeup products. At night, this can be paired with an overnight brightening mask. Make sure you're hydrated throughout the day and proceed to prep your skin as you usually would at night. After properly washing your face, apply an overnight mask that you find comfortable and grab the illuminator out of the fridge. Seeing as how you'll be sleeping for at least 7 hours, you can apply a bit more product around the entire eye. I guarantee you'll be sleeping better knowing you have products on you that'll work their magic. 

This eye illuminator is here to stay for us! We'll keep using it, especially since we love the brightness around our eyes! Is there a product in your collection we absolutely must try? Sound off in the comments below!



Skin first-makeup second.


  1. Keep this in the refrigirator 




Photos: Courtesy of: Darphin Paris

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