Bronzed Goddess



Ready in: A minute or so

Serves: Plenty since a little goes a long way here

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , let's show off those bronzed legs




  • Your fingertips
  • A sponge or brush would be a bit too much


  • Yes, absolutely! This is a must for the summer


  1. A dry oil that will transform the skin for summer nights

  2. Lightweight, easy to lather up the body with

  3. Ideal for those who don’t feel like tanning

  4. Can be used on face and hair as well


In case it isn’t evident by now, we’re extremely excited that summer is finally here. To illustrate how happy we are, we have products in mind that scream summer. While we safely work on our tan, there are some things we use to enhance the appearance of our skin. One of these items is the beautiful Huile Prodigieuse Or by Nuxe. This multi-purpose oil will nourish, soften and illuminate the skin and hair. 

Since it’s a dry oil, it can easily be used on the entire body, to leave us with that shimmering effect we especially love. For those who don’t wish to tan, or can’t tan at all regardless of sun exposure, this oil will leave the skin with a bronzed look. The light shimmer is nothing to be afraid of; if anything it adds an extra glow to the look. It can be applied on the entire body as it is moisturizing as well. We like to accentuate the skin that’s showing a bit more. It looks divine on the legs, shoulders and on the collarbone. We’d usually use a highlighter to illuminate the upper body, but with this product we’ll go ahead and use it on its own. It could be considered buildable yet we haven’t gone full glow just yet. In order for it to look natural, we’ll apply it on our fingertips first and then start lathering up the body. 

Per its instructions, it’s said that this oil can be used on the hair and face. I have yet to apply it on my hair seeing as how I’m afraid it’ll leave an oily, greasy feeling. Plus, I have tons of other beautifully performing hair products so there is no rush to try this one. Also, how do we feel about shimmer in our hair? Perhaps I’d apply some on the tips, just for the scent. As far as the face goes, I know I don’t wish to have a glittery effect, however subtle, on my face. My MAC strobe cream works well for that and I choose where to apply it without it moving around. If this sounds appealing though, add a few drops of this oil on the back of the hand, mix with foundation and apply it on the face. Then, take a photo and send it over to use because we’re quite curious to see how it’ll turn out!

There is a sweet scent to it, which we personally find divine! There is a mixture of sweet almond, hazelnut, macadamia and other oils. Personally, I find the almond and hazelnut to be the scents that stand out and I’m here for it. I've started applying it on my hands as well, to always have that glimpse of shimmer on me. Is this something you'd add during your summer routine? Let us know in the comments below! 




Photo: Courtesy of: Beauty Expert

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