Sunday Detox



Ready in: Around three minutes in total.

Serves: Plenty, since a little goes a long way here

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , this is not a real apple people!



  • Your fingertips are just enough!

  • Maybe a spatula would come in handy!


  • Yes, if you are looking for something on the go, not a long term skincare solution!


  1. Best when used as an on the go solution.

  2. It does deliver what it claims to do, exfoliates; brightens and moisturizes the skin.

  3. Price-wise, affordable!


When it comes to a flawless makeup application, a flawless canvas is necessary. I cannot stress enough, the importance of taking good care of the skin before and after a makeup routine. Not only does it make a huge difference as a result, it also helps the skin to preserve and restore itself. More importantly a good skin care regimen and hydration of the face will make you feel and look younger! 

As a makeup artist, I use a lot of masks and sheet mask for my clients and myself. When I am on the go and I don’t have the luxury to use a 100% natural mask (because they need a fridge to be kept fresh), I have to rely on what’s out in the market! 

Masks do make a difference on the appearance of the skin instantly so they make my job easier and more enjoyable. Plus they offer a mini pampering session to the person seated in the chair. Keep that in mind my fellow makeup artists; everyone likes to be treated well with some extra pampering time! Treat your clients like you would treat yourself, always keep that in mind. 

A general rule that I follow with any none 100% natural mask, is that I always patch test it first on someone’s wrist in case of any allergic reactions and of course ask the person beforehand if they have any allergic reactions to any ingredients, or specific cosmetics! So, I can keep that in mind. Having an extra sensitive skin myself, it has enabled me to learn more for ingredients throughout the years and act more careful with my clients too.

Let's discuss the mask pictured above now. First of all, we start with a patch test. Second, do not stick your fingers in the mask and then to one’s face. Prefer to use a spatula to take out the amount of product needed and work off of it or a designated, clean surface. This applies to everyone, not only makeup artists: every time you place your fingers in the tube, the product is contaminated with bacteria even if the hands are super clean. I might sound like a clean freak but I have to make sure at all times that my products are at top performance and hygiene. 

Now that you have applied the mask on a previously cleansed face (avoid the eye and lip area), let it work its magic! Gently massage it all over the face for a couple of minutes to warm it up,  leave it on for 30 seconds and rinse. TA-DA! That simple.

It will leave the face moisturized, clean and smooth as the ingredients it contains offer a light exfoliation and remove the dead cells off the skin without having to rub the face off. It contains AHA’s (we have a more detailed post about them here), derived from green apple, papaya and other fresh fruits - thus the name appletox, that help with the exfoliation process. 

It smells like green apples, although the smell is not that strong. Preferably, I would not choose skincare with extra added fragrance - our skin does not need it, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Another fact that I do not like is that it contains mineral oils. Although they give a smooth result, they do not add anything good too to our skincare routine.

Overall, it is a nice and effective mask for whilst on the go and not as a long term solution or skincare treatment! 

Personally, I cannot use this mask as it irritates my skin but many of my clients love it. That’s why I always patch test! Before you buy a product don’t forget to try it on the back of your hand at least!


What's your favorite go-to, or mask on the go? Let us know in the comments below! What do you thing about TONYMOLY and the Korean Skin care trend overall?!


  • I cannot stress enough how important it is to know what your skin is compatible with and what not. In any product and in any case (even if the product costs hundreds of dollars), discontinue use if you see any signs of redness or irritation and don’t try to make it work! Your skin cannot be bought twice, a moisturiser or a mask though, can.




Photo: Courtesy of: Beauty Bay

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