Can Sunscreen be Harmful?

THE Protective RECIPE:


Ready in: A couple of minutes.

Serves: Plenty, it takes a while to get through this bottle.

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , SPF filters are chemical - keep it away from your mouth!



  • Your fingertips are just enough!

  • A beautyblender might come in handy too


  • No. Just No.


  1. Worst hormonal breakouts I have ever experienced.

  2. This is not a natural sunscreen. Do not get deceived by the labels.

  3. Price-wise, it is just OK.


I wanted to write this post for quite a while now. Summer might be almost over, but the need to wear sunscreen especially on the face even during winter months is vital. Sun rays have never been more dangerous and people are aware of it. Our vacation period might be over, but we still keep our sunscreen close for the rest of the year. Therefore, another post about sunscreen is important for your awareness and opinion on the matter!

Hmm. I don’t know where to start here. I think that my disappointment is obvious, not only because of the end of this vacation season but also from the performance of this product. I will explain straight away its performance and then I will go more in depth about the company and what’s happening with the HOT sunscreen topic in the beauty industry at the moment! Hope I got you hooked.

The Sunscreen Test:

The color of it - It is for medium skin color and it has quite an orange pay-off. You won’t get away with it if you are pale or have darker skin. The coverage is quite high and it feels heavy when wearing, almost like a stick foundation. From a professional point of view and after speaking with a chemist specifically about this matter, I understand that it is difficult to have a range of colors in pure SPF. If you are looking for a color range it is better to look for a tinted cream with SPF like this one by Laura Mercier instead of finding an SPF with color. Yes, you will get less protection but for now, it’s the best option we can suggest; win some-lose some. Let’s see what the future brings us! 

Moving on with the negatives:

  • the smell of it. I don’t know how many times I have stressed this out; we already have plenty of added perfume in our makeup products. We do not need more in our skincare. Anyway, its scent it quite neutral, it does not bother me but it does not smell like roses!

  • The wear test - Drum Rolls please… Worst hormonal breakouts to the point that I thought a bug bit me during my sleep. I’ve experienced this particular issue in the past with other Apivita products too, but not as bad. Since I am always trying to be subjective, I have to add that more mature women in my circle have tried it and haven’t experienced such a thing. I would suggest that if you would like to try it maybe get some samples first and use it for a couple of weeks before investing in a bottle.

  • It’s price - Not bad for a sunscreen bought from a pharmacy but because of it’s bad performance, I would not repurchase it.

All in all, when I used it and needed full coverage (before breaking me out like crazy), I would not say that it was a bad product. Honestly, it has been removed from my vanity table with no regrets. 

My mission is to inform everyone aware, here on the site and in life in general, that sunscreen might cause many skin reactions. Sometimes, we don’t know what might have caused them and usually we don’t suspect it but that’s why we are here! Be aware of reactions, study your skin and have it in the back of your mind!

As said before, the majority of my weekdays, I choose to wear sunscreen with color instead of makeup as (read more here) it is easy to use for everyday and more protective of the skin. Extensive use of sunscreen might be harmful but extensive sun exposure can be even more harmful for our skin. Personally, I try to keep a balance and stay away from the sun especially when unprotected. 

After paying a visit to Apivita’s headquarters and main factory, admiring the place and their work ethic as a company, I expected instantly a lot more from their line of products and so far I keep getting disappointed from their overall performance and ingredient list. Unfortunately, as many companies do, they advertise themselves as companies that use natural ingredients. They label their products without parabens and other harmful stuff and sometimes this ingredient-free advertisement might not even be a requirement for the formula of the product. I am sad and disappointed as I really enjoyed my time there getting to know its founders and staff. 

Buying a cosmetic product from a pharmacy (because this one is mainly sold and advertised in pharmacies), even if it is not a sunscreen, does not mean that it instantly makes it a well performing product with a worry free ingredient list. Neither is it always good for the skin. As I say again and again here on our site, always do your own extensive research before buying a product that you are going to wear in significant amounts on your face daily. I hope that ‘natural’ companies like Apivita for example take this matter more seriously and actually start caring about the ingredients and the percentage of the “good” advertised ingredients that they put into their products. I am frustrated, because during my visit I really liked the environment, the hospitality and the mentality of this particular company.

One important thing to add here is that everything that we put on our skin gets absorbed and a part of it is transferred to our blood. Not pretty, yes? I love makeup and colors and this is my job. But my belief is that you have to keep a balance when it comes to skincare. Balance is key and I love the fact that lately more and more companies are aware of the SPF battle as I call it.  More and more companies in the beauty scene are trying to remove harmful ingredients from sunscreens. I am curious to see what happens next in the market with sunscreens as it is a product that brings many conflicts on the table!

I would love to hear your opinion on the matter! Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about this HOT topic in beauty industry right now!


  • Try before you buy!




Photo: Courtesy of: Apivita

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