Moisturizing RECIPE:


Ready in: A matter of seconds

Serves: Your beautiful face

Difficulty: None, we promise. 

0 calories , we're keeping those for the festive dishes


  • A face in need of hydration


  • Yes and No


  1. The Dragon blood sculpting is here to stay, I thoroughly enjoy it.

  2. Apivita's moisturizer left me unimpressed and my face isn't too happy either. 

  3. Even though you get quite an amount of product, at the end of the day the price is way too high for the bee venom moisturizer.



Feeling the holiday spirit yet? I'm back in Athens just before Christmas to see my family and i can't feel it quite yet, because of the unexpected cold. It's as if I never left London. I decided to make the low temperature a teaching moment; let's dedicate this post to moisturizers. My skin suffers now, it gets instantly dry with this cold. Therefore, I bring to you three moisturizers that me and mama-equalia (Hi Mom!) have tested and I am here to share our thoughts. Grab some coffee, it's gonna take some time to get through this. And why not ladies and gents, grab your moms and read this post with her, we tend to fill all generation gaps. 


Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel:

Can I mention how über cool we find the Dragon series by Rodial? We'll be reviewing another dragon product soon! This moisturizer is all about sculpting and lifting. Its goal is to leave your face feeling smoother, plumper and and firmer.

Let's talk about the bottle. First, let’s give an applause to Rodial for the air-pump. Your hands do not come in contact with the product inside (YAY); plus it does not get air-contaminated. Also, you are certainly getting every last drop of the product in the most hygienic way possible. For me, this is an important step whenever I apply cream on my face, I clean my hands thoroughly. The gel itself has a light texture and is fast absorbing while leaving the skin feeling luminous and tight. It has a light yet quite distinctive smell, not one that bothers me though. You have to apply 1-2 pumps on a cleansed skin. I particularly loved the result when I used it before sleeping or doing my makeup.

Although I genuinely like and enjoy the hygiene factor of the airless pump, I would enjoy a less plasticky packaging. The pump fails to meet the luxury standards I have for this product. For $108.00, maybe there is a reason behind the use of plastic? If you know why - please leave a comment below. I am really curious to know!

I enjoyed it while using, but it’s a high end item I wouldn’t end up repurchasing constantly. I would be more likely to buy a couple of containers per year, when I feel like treating myself a little bit more ;)


Apivita Aqua Vita:

Let's move on to the next product. I had high hopes for this one, truly I did. I hate to say this, but my face needs to stay far far away from this little jar. I bought this product because I was promised a creamy texture, more so on the thicker side, because I travel a lot and my skin suffers. Depending on the climate of each country, your skin develops new needs. Usually, mine skews to the dry side, especially after removing makeup. I'm always on the lookout for a moisturizer that'll give me the extra hydration I so desperately need. 

I was attracted to this product for several reasons. Firstly, the ingredients are 98% natural and I like the idea of having natural products on my skin. Reading upon the ingredients list, I was happy to see they had included some good ones for the skin, especially the face. The smell was quite nice and refreshing, therefore I decided to give it a try. 

I cannot stress enough how many different ways I've tried to make this product work for me. While it did leave my skin feeling hydrated the next day, shortly after I'd notice some blind pimples on my face. At first, I didn't make the connection. However, I repeatedly used this moisturizer and surely enough, this was causing the fuss. I have yet to discover which ingredient hates my face so much; rest assured, I'm still looking. Side note: I react the same to Avene moistruzers. 

Just for fun, let's say I were impressed with the product. The packaging left me unimpressed. Since this is a 98% natural product, why would I want to use my hand to apply it? What if it came with a spatula? Apivita, if you're reading me, let's talk packaging. 

Has anyone else had this reaction to this cream or is it just me?


Rodial Bee Venom moisturizer:

Hey world, it's my mom speaking. She wants you to know she loves this product, and not because I bought it for her. I was looking for a birthday gift and came across this product. Since its formula is designed for a more mature skin, I grabbed it for her and hoped she'd love it. 

First thing my mother mentioned is its light and rich texture without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Insteady, her skin was hydrated and dewy after applying it and throughout the day. Some days, she decides to skip foundation and after applying this product, she'll follow with a tinted SPF and some bronzer. Her skin looks fresh for the rest of the day.

Her only drawback with this product, is the price tag. How many times can you actually repurchase it? Sure, a little goes a long way and there is a lot of product in the jar, but is that enough? Perhaps it's time I introduce her to other high-end brands and see if we have another winner out there. 

What's your favourite moisturizer that you can't live without? Let us know in the comment section below! ;) 



  • If you want to refresh your make-up throughout the day, instead of a face spray use a bit of moisturizer on top of your foundation.



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