Never sleep with your f**king make up on

the essential recipe:


Ready in: 2 minutes if you work fast

Serves: You and the health of your skin

Difficulty: None, just be creative

0 calories and you save your skin so it's a no brainer


  • Cotton Pads
  • The will to not be lazy and take off your makeup


  • OFC!


  1. There are countless micellar cleansing waters on the market, these two are some of our recent favorites.

  2. Washing your face is an essential step.

  3. Please, don’t sleep with your makeup on. Thank you


Who enjoys waking up and not being able to open their eyes because of the endless coats of mascara? Anyone else interested in finding mascara stains on his or her white sheets? Or better yet, a skin that itches and is in desperate need of water because it’s fully clogged? I’d like to think the answer to ALL these questions, is that nobody ever for no reason would enjoy that. Great, we’re all on the same page. I feel that it is unnecessary to go into details of why it is a terrible thing to sleep with your makeup on. Right?

It’s something we all know, we’ve heard from the day we started using makeup and our mom’s, sisters, friends and dermatologists have warned us that it’s the worst thing you could do to your skin. So let’s not do it. Since we’re all familiar with the reasons why we shouldn’t be doing it, I’ll skip this part.(if anyone thinks it’s essential for me to go over these details, feel free to email us here or comment below and we’ll walk you through all the basics). What I won’t be skipping however is different ways to remove our makeup if we don’t have our trusty remover with us.

Let’s play out the scenario of being somewhere that has nothing remotely close to a makeup wipe. The first thing you can do is locate a small towel and run it under some warm water. Then rub your face gently with it. Rinse the towel and repeat. Obviously this will not entirely remove your makeup, however it’ll alleviate your face from most of the product. Rinse your face with plenty of water once you’re done.

Next suggestion, for those who are interested in making a quick DIY is to grab a dry cotton ball and dip in a spoonful of milk along with a couple drops of oil. I know this might sound a bit on the extra side, but I’m hoping these two ingredients will almost always be available for us. Once again, don’t forget to rinse your face.

The last option I have to offer, even though I’m somewhat against it because of its chemical consistency, is to use a baby wipe. The only reason I’m mentioning this, is for you to see how desperate I am to make this point clear; never sleep with your effin’ makeup on.

Pictured above are two of our all time favorite micellar waters, which are affordable and skin-friendly. Plus almost all makeup removers now come in travel size bottles so you can always have one either in the car (protected from the sun) or in your office bag.



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