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Ready in: A couple of minutes

Serves: Plenty, it takes a while to get through this bottle.

Difficulty: None, we promise. If it’s the right fit, keep it!

0 calories , don’t taste this please.



  • A pack of cotton pads


  • Yes and No. Keep reading, it’ll make sense.


  1. The ideal toners for each skin-type

  2. Price to product ratio is reasonable

  3. Each one has its follow-up products that target each need


When it comes to skincare, we’re never entirely satisfied with the products we have. Admittedly, some products work better than others but we’re always on the chase to find how others perform too. Since we’re constantly collaborating with others, it’s imperative to know how other skin types perform and their respective needs. While I can personally sign off on the items I use for my skin type, I still need to know how to properly tend to others, before doing their makeup. In order to be prepared and have something that’ll meet each need that comes up, the EQ girls decided to grab these Clinique bottles and put them to the test.

Before we get into details with these toners in particular, keep in mind that these belong to a 3-step bundle curated by Clinique. Each clarifying lotion that is used for a specific skin-type, has its own facial soap that takes place first. We decided to test out the toners since it’s the easiest cleansing step when working on a client’s beautiful face. However, we don’t find that it is necessary to have the facial soap be from the same line. Granted, products of a specific line work better when combined, but it is easily matched with a different soap. Don’t feel obligated to go and purchase the entire bundle at once. It’s easier to understand if a product works, when it’s tested on its own. Consulting a dermatologist is always the first step in deciding which products to use daily on the skin. As always, these are merely our opinions on how some products have worked for us and those around us.

Starting with the first bottle (pictured above first on the left) it targets very dry to dry skin. The second one is for dry/combination skin. The third one for combination/oily and the last one for very oily. This clarifying lotion is branded as a gentle liquid exfoliator that’ll sweep away pollution, grime and dulling flakes to reveal smoother and clearer skin. For dry skin, its recommended use is twice a day to help remove surface flakes that can be a barrier to moisture absorption. For oily skin, twice a day to help minimize excess oil and to keep the pores clear.

Some of its key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, glycerin and trehalose which make the exfoliation gentler and still keep intact the layers of the skin. Also, salicylic acid is fighting to remove the dead skin cells and allows the new ones to regenerate. After each use, the pores appear smaller and there is a certain glow to the face.

Now, after extensive use and tests on other skin types, overall this lotion works well. Always depending on the skin and its needs, this product is appropriate to include in a skincare routine. Clients with dry skin, have mentioned that in some cases, twice a day use of this product is a bit excessive. Most will opt to use it at night only, before applying a moisturizer and/or serum. Lotions such as this one should be used maximum two times a day, regardless of the skin type. If used in the AM, always follow with a proper SPF.

While we think these products performed adequately, we won’t be including them for long in our routine. The alcohol scent is too strong for our personal preference so it makes it hard to keep up with it long-term. However, we find that they are ideal for a quick skin prep before a makeup application. We dispose products in smaller bottles and have them in our kits. Depending on the client’s needs, we’ll apply a bit of the lotion on a cotton pad and gently cleanse the skin. We’ll use the appropriate moisturizer and then continue with the makeup application.

Do you have a clarifying lotion that you’re loving at the moment? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about your must skincare routine!


  • Avoid the eye area! Even the faintest hint of alcohol might irritate the eyes.




Photo: Courtesy of: Clinique

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