When in Doubt, Wear Red



Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, no worries!


  • Exfoliated lips ready for the absolute summer color


  • Yes! It's a beautiful shade


  1. Great color payoff which is a must for shades such as this one
  2. Comfortable, matte formula that won't stain the lips


Sunday is here and we are at the beach lying under the sun and wearing our SPF of course! We are going out for drinks tonight so I decided to share one of my go-to's summer red lipstick! I’ve been looking for a shade such as this one for quite some time now.

Artist’s Rouge Lipstick by Makeup Forever in the shade passion red is the perfect matte orange red. It has the perfect amount of orange in it and makes τhe pearly whites shine even more! In terms of color, this lipstick works with many skin tones and it looks even better when a tan is in place! It is matte and feels comfortable when wearing it. Plus, every woman feels fabulous when she wears the right shade of red lipstick.

One of the things that made me obsessed with this lipstick when I tried it for the first time was the color payoff. A couple of swipes and we are good to go! It can be worn with or without a lip pencil as the end is sharp enough to give a pencil precision! Is it just me or does a fresh tube of lipstick feel so satisfying?! When a long wear lip pencil is applied prior, the color can stay on for the rest of the night. Just remember, it is not a liquid lipstick, so it’s not kiss proof! 

Overall, the formula is great. I love when I find well performing products that are easy to use. It makes an everyday makeup routine so much easier, and Makeup Forever’s majority of products do just that. They might be a bit more on the high-end side price wise but they last long and at the end of the day, save more time when doing makeup. Don’t get us wrong, we love drugstore finds but sometimes you get what you pay for. 

I have to add that the color can be worn during the day too if desired. My favorite combo is luminous skin, a subtle contour, this lipstick and a minimal eye makeup (even a glossy eye with waterproof mascara)! Try it and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

I have to sign off now because my cocktail is here! Have a fabulous Sunday everyone, greetings from Greece.




  • For an even better long-staying result, a forgotten old tip, is to blot the lips on a Kleenex after the first lipstick application and then reapply! 




Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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