Smooth Operator



Ready in: A few minutes, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, don't snack on the sugar


  • Lips in need of exfoliation and moisture


  • Yes and No! You know the drill by now


  1. The products are branded with new packaging at the moment.
  2. The lip scrub actually works, the volumizing treatment, does not.
  3. The scrub is inexpensive and will last for quite some time. Consider it an investement. 




When it comes to a proper proper pampering session, a scrub always comes to mind. Whether it’s a body or face scrub, it’s a vital part of the routine. Why not include a lip scrub? On every lip article we’ve uploaded, we mention the importance of a lip scrub. Let’s talk lip scrub then!

Benefits of lip scrubbing: As with other scrubs for the face or body, lip scrubs remove dead skin, helping the fresh layers come to life. They leave the lips soft and smooth and helps with any lip discoloration if done regularly. Also, and I think this is what concerns us the most, our lips look amazing after a good scrub! Any lip color we choose to use afterwards will look flawless because our lips are shiny and healthy. 

In regards to this one in particular, I picked up this product from a KIKO store in Amsterdam almost two years ago. From the constant climate change when traveling, none of the lip balms in my collection could salvage the irritation on my lips. I've  always a fond of lip scrubs, especially the DIY ones. I saw this product in store and decided to give it a try as I was desperate! Safe to say I love it, simple as that. Even though I’ve made countless lip scrubs on my own in the past, the reason I enjoy this one in particular is because of its packaging; it's convenient and hygienic. It’s in a lipstick tube, which makes it easy to carry around and no need for messy fingers to get involved. Apply it on the lips as you would a regular lipstick and move your lips around to ensure the product went everywhere. Leave it on for a few minutes and use a damp cloth or towel to remove the product while still massaging the lips. I’ll try to do this at least twice a week and preferably right after my shower when my lips are somewhat dry. It’s easy to use, affordable and will only have positive results on your lips. I wholeheartedly recommend it and will be repurchasing it. 

As far as the lip volume treatments goes, I’ll start by saying it doesn’t add volume to the lips. While as a concept it’s smart, it doesn’t offer anything to the lips. After a good scrub, it’s expected to moisturize the lips; this product doesn’t even do that. I’ve tried using it on several different occasions, even skipping the scrub but the results were still the same. This product leaves a white streak of cream on my lips and ends up making them drier than before! It makes them stick together and starts transferring everywhere. Safe to say, that’s not something I want on my lips. If you’re looking for a way to add some volume to the lips, read this article here. It works for me and it leaves my lips feeling and looking healthy. 


Stay tuned for a DIY recipe coming soon.. It could be a lip recipe, no promises! Have these products worked for you? Can any product on the market beat an original DIY lip scrub? Let us know in the comments down below!



  • When exfoliating the lips, it’s imperative to be gentle. You don’t want to cause irritation. 
  • There is such a thing as over-exfoliating. This isn't something you should be doing daily. Once a week and your lips will thank you.
  • It's essential to properly moisturize afterwards!





Photo: Courtesy of KIKO Cosmetics

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