Pink Lemonade



Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, don't eat them please.


  • Lips in need of a velvet matte texture


  • Depends on your tolerance to liquid lipsticks. Colour-wise it's a Yes, comfort-wise it's a No.


  1. The colours of this range are amazing and wearable from day to night.
  2. They feel a tad sticky.
  3. Their price is quite good plus you can usually find them on sale. 




Our love for liquid lipsticks is well known by now. If you get used to the liquid lipstick formula and are comfortable with it then liquid lipsticks are a quick and easy way to have a statement lip without trying too hard. Also, they last long compared to normal lipsticks. The only drawback that most of the formulas on the market feel dry on the lips and actually make lips drier. Liquid lipsticks can be a pain if you haven’t had prepped and moisturized your lips beforehand. Therefore, my advise with liquid lipsticks is always to exfoliate your lips before you apply them, even with your toothbrush while you are brushing your teeth.

It sounds like something everyone is repeating again and again but how many people are doing it? I have seen many clients with dry and not exfoliated lips and believe me the lipstick application does not look good at all, especially when you don’t have time to exfoliate before you do someone’s makeup. You don’t have to do it everyday, but remember when you are brushing your teeth a couple of times per week to bush your lips as well.

Nip+Fab has released ten shades of these liquid lipsticks ranging from a beautiful pale pink nudes to a dark cherry brown. They recently brought out a dark blue and a dark mint green too. I find myself going back to these liquid lipsticks from day to night, with or without heavy eye makeup although I am not in love with the formula. I am in love with the colors! When I bought them (I think it was late May or June ’17) from Superdrug I wasn’t sure about my purchase. I ended up wearing them throughout the summer and even in the winter months.

When I want an effortless nude lip, that’s my go to. Depends on the eye makeup and the clothes that I am wearing I switch from pink lemonade - which is a more natural like pink nude- to a more brownish nude,cinnamon. I like how they look on the lips both texture-wise and color-wise. I would love to have another formula though.

They feel sticky especially when first trying them on (takes time getting used to) and they are not transfer proof., which liquid lipsticks are kind of made for that reason right? They look velvety matte though and their price is great. You can find them quite often in 3 for 2 or half price sales, compared to other liquid lipsticks I own ranging from 15 to 30 dollars. So, you win and you lose something. They come with a normal applicator - nothing particular there. They are easy to apply and can over-line the lips pretty easily. Don’t over do it though because it won’t look good as they don’t dry completely matte.

I would suggest if you want to try them first don’t go for all the colors! Pink lemonade is a dusty rose shade that compliments a lot of skin tones and it’s a good one to start with. Try the formula and see how you feel about it and then if you don’t mind go ahead and purchase more. These colors are lo-ve-ly. If they end up not working out, there are plenty of other liquid lipsticks that can do the job for you and we will discuss more about them in future posts! 

I am curious to know what’s your favourite go to inexpensive liquid lipstick! Leave a comment below and let us know! 



  • You can wear them with lipgloss on top, so it feels less sticky.
  • Try using a reach lip pencil before applying the liquid lipstick for better results.
  • Take it with you if you go out for lunch/dinner. You might need to re-apply.





Photo: Courtesy of NIP+FAB

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