Lip Glass

THE lip-glass RECIPE:


Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, no worries!



  • Exfoliated lips ready for the absolute glass & glossy effect.


  • Yes! It's a cult classic.


  1. Cult classic lipgloss with a rich formula.

  2. Makes lips appear juicy and bigger in a matter of seconds.

  3. It is one of the best, most tried and tested lipgloss products in the market at the moment.


A quick reminder to all,  “glass” lips where in long before glass skin. Juicy voluminous lips are always in no matter what trend is in fashion. A good tube of lipgloss is a must have item in everyone's makeup collection. Whether it’s a clear or a tinted one, lipgloss reflects the light on your lips like a dream, making them appear bigger, fresh and youthful. 

MAC lipglass needs no introduction seeing as how it is an established cult classic. Most of the girls I know, at some point in their life, owned a tube of it. Lately, it has been all about the matte liquid lipsticks and many have forgotten about the importance of lipgloss.

Being a makeup artist, it's imperative to research a ton about products and be prepared for any look that is asked for. I love liquid lipsticks and their ease of use, but I have to say I’m happy that the lip gloss trends is having its own comeback. Which better way to celebrate the comeback than to use than a tried and tested product that smells divine and delivers full lips in a swipe?! 

Personally, I own tons of them and I try to not overdo it as liquid products expire quicker than powders and I do not like being wasteful. When buying a tinted lip gloss, try to get a shade that can work with plenty of lipstick colours. Lipgloss is a summer must have and we assure you that we are going to continue using it non stop in the autumn as well.

Lipglass’ formula, is thick, non-sticky and feels creamy while wearing. Of course this is a personal preference, but I haven’t found a single person so far that does not like the end result. It comes in a classic lip gloss tube with a wand applicator and the shade range varies from heavily tinted in any color you like to sheer and clear. Bonus points to MAC because its scent is pleasant. I always appreciate a good vanilla like scent in lip products.

It can be worn on bare lips, over a lip pencil, a lipstick or a liquid lipstick! I recommend before buying one, go to a MAC store and try out the colors because some of them are a hit or miss and we dislike buying makeup and not using it. Keep this in mind, always try before you buy.

A personal favorite recommendation is the shade pictured above, Pink Lemonade. It is the perfect peachy pink that can worn on its own or over something more nude/brown to give it a bit of color!

What is your favourite shade, and what we should try next? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about your favourite lip gloss formulas!




  • For juicier results if you do not want to overdo it, apply lipgloss on your cupid's bow and in the center of your lips only!




Photo: Courtesy of Macy's

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