Less Than 10 vol II.



Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, don't eat them please.


  • Lips in need of a defining and filling


  • Yes! The drugstore is full of hidden gems.


  1. Obvious from the title, all three products cost less than 10 dollars
  2. Three of our favorite drugstore lip pencils that perform beautifully and do not make us decide between rent or makeup 
  3. Colors can be worn all year round



We're back with more drugstore gem finds! We started these series about a month ago and we're excited to continue. After the less than ten lipsticks  article, we decided to keep this going. Who doesn't love well-performing products that keep our bank accounts intact? Let's get started. 

Starting from something we aren't crazy about is the pencil by The Body Shop which somewhat disappointed us with this one. While it isn't sold online at the moment, a stroll through one of their stores might prove resourceful. This line of pencils from TBS claims to perfectly outline and define the natural lip line which helps the lipstick stay in place. This particular color is a matte berry colored lip liner with warm undertones. I am a fan of mauve shades if this isn't well known by now, so when testing out a new product, I'll go for a shade that I'm already comfortable with. It is not a bold color, it has a light application and it pains me to say that the tip is rather harsh and far from easy to apply. This makes it rather hard to naturally outline the lips. I use this pencil to fill in my lips as a natural, light shades on days I don't want to fuss with makeup. The color of the pencil tip is visible through the clear cap, which makes it ideal for storing it and finding it amongst the crowd. This product in particular isn't all that special, we'll say pass. 

Moving along to two pencil from Essence makeup which are on sale now for less than a dollar, the colors I chose will not come as a surprise. Soft berry and mauve tones practically scream my name, especially in lip products. I bought these products without even swatching them; I was trying out several Essence products and these "accidentally" ended up in my cart. Upon purchasing them I was pleasantly surprised by the payoff of both colors. While they might not have the absolute velvet texture we always hope for, the color stayed on my lips throughout the day and even did a wonderful job on filling in my lips. They don't need constant sharpening, which is always a plus and the colors I chose are year round shades so I'll always be reaching for them. Let's be honest, nothing can beat the price either! Go for it!

Lastly, a new addition to my collection is the darkest color of mauve pictured above. While it belongs in the family of colors, its payoff is quite dark. It's a beautiful brown-purple color that'll last for ages on the lips! I almost always get compliments on this particular shade and even though dark colors are known to make the lips appear smaller, this pencil is perfect in lining the exact shape of the lips. I tend to reach for dark colors on my lips, especially on nights out so this fits in wonderfully in my collection. I am quite intrigued in trying out more shades of this line. However, I've promised myself to declutter some of my existing pencils and then start shopping for more. First to go? The TBS pencil. 

We plan on making this into a series- bringing up hidden drugstore gems. We'd love to hear some of your recommendations in the comments below. What should we review next?





Photo: Courtesy of 3ina Makeup and Essense Cosmetics

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