Less Than 10



Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, don't eat them please.


  1. Obvious from the title, all three products cost less than 10 dollars
  2. Three of our favorite drugstore lip products that perform beautifully and do not make us decide between rent or makeup 
  3. Colors can be worn all year round
  4. The Maybelline pencil needs a jumbo sharpener- you've been warned



Some change hair colors depending on their mood; others will settle for a different lip color throughout the day. I fall under the second category. My hair color has pretty much stayed the same throughout my life, yet I'll experiment when it comes to my choice of color for my lips. Seeing as how I might go for a bold orange then switch to a light purple, it wouldn't be sustainable to only have high-end lip products. There are countless, amazing products with reasonable price tags and that's what we'll be discussing today. These three lip products have been in my collection for quite some time now and I reach for them pretty often. 

The first item pictured above, is a bright hot orange lip pencil. It isn't a typical pencil tip, it's chunky and full. It can't be used as a shape definer; it's more so a fill in color. It has a satin finish, it's longwearing and buildable. With that being said, a light shade of this orange doesn't look natural whatsoever on the lips. I'd suggest filling in the entire lips with this color. Granted, colors like this aren't easy to wear. Why invest in a lip product you won't get an everyday use out of when this amazing product is at arms reach for a reasonable price? While it isn't the most comfortable formula I've had on my lips, it stays in place and offers a beautiful look. With a bold color like this, make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated. This formula will sit in lines or carved spots on the lips.

Moving along to a NYX favorite I've been wearing for years, "Copenhagen" is a rich matte plum color that never leaves my collection, even in the summer. Even though it is marketed as a matte lip product, it glides on smoothly, almost glossy-like and sets to a matte finish. There is a bluish red undertone although I'd say depending on skin tone, different results might appear. Personally, I live for burgundy, plum colors more so than any others. While this might not be a morning choice for me, it'll definitely be the lip product I end up grabbing for a night out. While it is durable, I've noticed it fades out unevenly. There isn't much product in the tube and the applicator, once pulled out, has way too much product on the brush for an even application on the lips. I've removed the stopper from the tube and that has helped me control the product. Furthermore, a small lip brush will help apply it on the lips without worrying about streaks of color. A lip liner is always a plus when wanting to define the shape, although not necessary with this product. I keep on repurchasing this, especially when they go on sale on the NYX site as a bundle.

Last drugstore gem we have for you is "Berry Bradshaw" by Catrice Cosmetics. I'm sure you've seen tons of Youtubers testing out some of the best and worst products of the brand. If not, now is a great opportunity to check out these videos. These products are extremely inexpensive and might end up working out for you. This color, if you haven't guessed already is a berry shade. It's a highly pigmented, rich shade with a smooth and creamy formula. I'd like to emphasize on how rich this color is. Barely dabbing it on the lips will result in a berry color sitting comfortably on them. Of course, having such a creamy texture makes it easy to apply. It can be applied all over the lips and result into a bold color, or a few dabs of it will bring out a more natural berry tone. Keep in mind, it does bleed a bit so a lip liner will come in handy with this shade. All in all, it is a beautiful berry shade that I reach for more often than not, especially when I need something to stay in place for hours that isn't a matte product. 

We plan on making this into a series- bringing up hidden drugstore gems. We'd love to hear some of your recommendations in the comments below. What should we review next? 


  • The pencil is thick to use as a lip liner. It can be used to fill in your lips entirely. 
  • The Catrice lipstick tends to "bleed" a bit, use a pencil with it 





Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline New York, NYX Cosmetics and Catrice Cosmetics

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