That Dior Glow


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Ready in: A few seconds, enjoy it

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, don't eat this please.


  • Lips in need of defining and filling


  • Yes! 


  1. One of the nicest lip balms out there.
  2. Leaves lips with an amazing glow.
  3. Perfect for that no makeup-makeup look.



This lip balm is perfect for a Sunday, like today, when all want is an effortless natural look, that'll give a flash of color to the lips. The color of the lip balm changes with the pH of the lips so the results are different for everyone! When I think of the perfect, going out lip balm, this is the one. It can be worn it on its own or layered on top of any lip pencil for color intensity. 

It is a staple piece in my collection and can be used to create that no makeup-makeup look in seconds and add a glow to my natural lip color. It enhances it and leaves my lips with a fresh feeling. The look is as if I just woke up with a natural shine. It has a comfortable formula when wearing it and for a lip balm, stays on quite long and leaves a smooth finish. It does have a light scent to it which isn't unpleasant and does in fact moisturize the lips. What makes it special? The extra lit from-within-effect! It is a go-to balm for the effortless makeup look while at the same time ensures a fabulous finish. 

Earlier this year, Dior makeup launched a series of these amazing lip balms in various colors as seen in the picture below. The range is quite big now and is consisted of the classic Lip Glow, a range of matte, shimmer and satins. This makes it possible to pick and choose the color and the finish of any taste! They contain SPF 10, which is not a lot but a plus nonetheless. Be sure to use it in the morning and not as a “healing” lip balm for the night. We want to stay away from SPF while getting our beauty sleep!


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My honest opinion is that the only thing that sometimes makes me resist buying this lip balm is the price. It is retailed for $34.00 like a normal lipstick. Although it does wonders when it comes to a natural lip look, it is still a lip balm. If it is something you can afford splurging on, then go ahead by all means; it is an absolutely excellent product. If not, there are many pH adjusting lip balms out there coming at a lower price! 

What's your go to lip balm? Would you give this one a try? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!




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