Sealed Lips



Ready in: 2 minutes

Serves: Your beautiful lips

Difficulty: None whatsoever- keep your hands steady

0 calories, please don't eat it 


  • Milani Matte Lip Creme in shades (from left to right): Stunning, Fling, Fascination, Amore, Over-dramatic and Attraction


  • A close up mirror


  • Yes, yes, yes!


  1. Excellent formula, doesn’t not leave your lips feeling heavy or sticky
  2. Affordable and good amount of product in tube
  3. Variety of colors that’ll suit all your moods



Was there an era before liquid lipsticks were introduced? I’m having trouble remembering a time when a simple lipstick wasn’t accompanied by the words matte, ultra matte, liquid-matte-sheer-gloss (YES, I’ve seen that as a description). I keep hearing the matte trend is behind us, but I doubt that’s true. And why would it be? Companies are stepping up their game and launching top-notch formulas that are comfortable on our lips yet long-lasting. One of these companies is Milani Cosmetics. Pictured above are some our favorite Milani liquid lipsticks and we’ll discuss the reasons behind it.

Let’s discuss formula before price. I refuse to apply a lipstick that makes my lips sticky and chalky. I hate leaving stains on forks and glasses and most of all, I despise reapplying lipstick throughout the night. If I’m out having a good time, I don’t want to worry about the appearance of my lipstick. With these liquid lipsticks, I’ve never had that issue. They are in fact long lasting and comfortable enough to wear for several hours. Pair it with a lip liner  and you’ll get the results you want. Some fear the matte effect and I find it 100% understandable. However, I have yet to be disappointed by this formula. My concern with lip products is for them not to make my lips look chalky and to avoid the product creasing in the corners of my mouth. Happy to report that the Milani colors kept me out of trouble.

We think this is the perfect time to talk about these liquid lipsticks. You’re expected at dinner parties where you’ll eat, drink and chat. Drink those eggnogs without worrying about smudged lips. I find the dark colors to be quite forgiving, even if they fade after some time. If you feel the need to reapply, go with less product than you did the first round; you do not want to end up with a heavy coat of lipstick that’s disproportionate from the rest of your face.

At the end of the day, enjoy the dinner, drinks and countless kisses you’ll give. Worry less about your lips and more about enjoying the moments. It’s an added bonus if you enjoy those moments with killer lips.


  • Exfoliate your lips beforehand. Once you’re done exfoliating, moisturize your lips and keep them hydrated until it’s time to apply the lipstick.




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