D&G Classic Cream Lips

Luxurious RECIPE:


Ready in: In less than a minute

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, promise (if you are not a lipstick eater)


  • Lips in need of glam
  • Your fingertips


  • I would say Yes


  1. Perfect for those days you need a little bit of extra glam on your lips
  2. Leaves lips feeling moisturised
  3. Feels comfortable on lips and you can achieve a natural look by applying it with your fingers



When I think of a classic lipstick and especially a classic red lipstick these are the ones that come to mind. The smell and texture make me think of a glamorous 50’s-60’s era. 

The formula is that of a classic creme lipstick. The first time I ever tried them on they reminded me of the Chanel classic lipsticks in a way. When wearing it, it feels comfortable, rich and creamy. Especially when applied with the way that I'm discussing as a tip below (keep reading please) this purchase will be a favorite in your collection. What I particularly like about them is that the application feels natural; your lips won't feel heavy coated but instead as if one isn't even wearing any lipstick.

The formula and texture is long-lasting for a creamy lipstick and fades naturally. Truth be told, it will have to be reapplied throughout the day /night. Let's be honest, it's not a liquid lipstick, it's the exact opposite!

I thoroughly enjoy mixing them and switching up the intensity of the red and purple shades. I start by applying them on my prepped lips with my finger to give a gradual shear shade! It looks as the lipstick is barely there and it gives such a luminous and fresh result!

It is perfect for the morning, adding a hit of color to your glowy skin.



(Left to right)

1.RUBINO 175 (Red - Limited Edition)

2.AMETHYST 330 (Mauve)

3.ULTRA 190  (Red)


If you don’t want to get your hands (that) dirty you can apply it with the tube on the centre of your lips and start dabbing the color outwards with your fingers - it will give a similar natural result!

For a more intense result instead you can use a lipliner and apply it straight from the tube. It will give you the perfect classic satin finish without being too old fashioned or weird looking.




(Left to right)

1.RUBINO 175 (Red - Limited Edition)

2.AMETHYST 330 (Mauve)

3.ULTRA 190  (Red)

Makeup is all about experimenting and having fun. Never forget that. You can explore so many different aspects of your personality only by mixing and matching colours. How amazing is that? Your inner artist will definitely thank you. They leave a lovely stain on the lips and to be honest when I was swatching them they left a lovely stain on my arm too!

Do you have any favourite shades or classic lipsticks that we could try? Please let us know in the comments below! You can never have too many lipsticks!



  • Gently exfoliate your lips beforehand.
  • You can build up the natural intensity by applying more colour with your finger tip. 
  • Highlight your cupid's bow as a base for the colour.





Photo: Courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana

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