A Warm Lip Kit

The basics RECIPE:


Ready in: In less than a minute

Serves: Your glamorous lips

Difficulty: Absolutely none

0 calories, promise (if you are not a lipstick eater)



  • Lips in need of glam
  • A close up mirror


  • Yes!


  1. This was a gift set I received from a beloved family member over the holidays
  2. Four colors that cover all range needs, shades and undertones 
  3. Matte shades that can be instesified with a beautiful lip liner 
  4. Caps are color coded which makes it insanely easy to find the shade you're looking for 



Hello beautiful world! How is everyone feeling today? A new month is upon us and we're still sorting through some of the holiday gifts we received from family members and friends. Can I just point out how easy it is for others to decide what to gift us? When in doubt, buy the girls some makeup. And we don't have to feel guilty about it, it's all for the business now, all about the reviews. It's a win-win situation. We receive great gifts, for review purposes only, and others don't have to spend countless hours searching for what to get us. 

This is the case with these four lipsticks. They were a set, part of the MAC snowball holiday 2017 collection. This collection is not for sale anymore on the official MAC site, but some large departments still have a couple of these sets in stock! Two of these lipsticks are sold individually. We're bringing all four up for review and you can decide which shade works best for you. Let's start discussing the shades individually from right to left. 

First up is Nude Du Jour. The lightest shade of the quad, it can be considered a classic light mauve nude. This is an ideal color to have on the lips during the day. It sits comfortably on the lips, it's not too intense for work and broad daylight and regardless of the face makeup look you're going for, this shade will not disappoint. I noticed that this shade isn't sold individually at the moment. Not to worry, EQ has you covered! This Bobbi Brown lip color in "Hot Cocoa" comes in pretty close. It might be a tad deeper, yet it's still a beautiful shade and the formula will surprise you! Shades such as this one are essential in a kit, especially for those days where you want to do the absolute minimum when it comes to makeup. Friendly reminder, depending on your undertone, and skin tone this shade will apply differently. I'm somewhat on the warmer side and most of the times, nude shades look too bright and pale on my lips. Colors such as this one, with a hint of mauve undertone, compliment my face. 

Next up is Nouvelle Vogue. Let's state the obvious, this isn't sold individually at the moment either. Apparently they'll be launching some shades again and these two fall under this category. Nevertheless, you'll be informed before everyone else. There is a more affordable option for this color, stick around 'till the end. This color is a soft pink with blue undertones. If we lost you right about now, we apologize. We should be including a post on undertones and finding yours sometime soon on the site. Back to color, this soft pink is a sweet, light color that can be intensified when applied with a matching lip liner. Needless to say, the more product you apply, the more color payoff you got on the lips. With pink shades, I'm always a bit hesitant to apply more and more. If the point of a color like this, is to look natural as possible, aren't I defeating the purpose by making my lips look extra pink? Not to mention, extra pink is not a color that suits me. This color fades away nicely, leaving your natural lip color in display. I find that it's easy to work with and will compliment your makeup look, day and night. Now, since it's not sold at the moment, the closest shade we found is by Nyx in the shade Natural.  I take pride in this dupe, it was not easy to find and it's much more affordable! 

Moving on to might I add a personal favorite, Antique Velvet. I have a soft spot for intense brown shades. I find that they suit me, always compliment my eye looks and I never second-guess my decision to wear them. I suppose this is how others feel about nude shades? I can always achieve the perfect pout with a shade such as this one and I love how long-lasting it is. I understand why for colors such as this one it might seem complicated to work with; for me it is the exact opposite! On days where I can't be bothered with doing too much with my face makeup, a color such as this one and plenty of mascara is my go-to look. Using a lip liner before hand will make life easier! If you want to start experimenting with colors such as this one yet are hesitant about the price, a similar option would be Warm Brown by Nyx . While the color payoff is as close as it can get, I must say that the formula on the MAC one is somewhat better. However, if this isn't a shade you'll be grabbing often enough, a more affordable option does seem as the wise choice.

Lastly, Russian Red, which I'll happily report, is sold individually! This can be considered a cult classic, a fan favorite, a staple lipstick for MAC collections. If this is the first you're hearing about it, no worries. Russian red is in fact a red shade, quite intense with a blue undertone. By now, our love for red lipsticks is well known with posts such as this  and a more recent one where we discuss several of our favorite red lipsticks. Who doesn't love a bright red lipstick? Even if you're hesitant to wear this, there will be a night where you'll be searching for that perfect red. Russian Red could be your perfect red. It is in fact a matte shade and with the right lip liner, this color won't be leaving your lips for the entire night. With colors such as this one, it's essential to be careful with the application; not too much so the lips look overly colored. Apply enough so that you feel comfortable and always check that you don't have lipstick on your teeth! 

That concludes the breakdown of this set. If it's still available in stores, I'd suggest grabbing it. This collection covers four basic colours that'll always come in handy. Can I mention here how much I LOVE that the colors are on the caps? Saves me time when getting ready in the morning. 

What do you think of these colors? Love or Hate? Sound off in the comments below. Thank you for sticking around. 





  • Gently exfoliate your lips beforehand. We say that for every lip recipe, it's important. 
  • Highlight your cupid's bow as a base for the colour.





Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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