Vanilla on my Lips



Ready in: 2 minutes

Serves: Treat yourself to this vanilla scent

Difficulty: None. I'm all about the easy fix at this point. 

0 calories, plus it fades amazingly well whilst eating. 


  • Mirror and good lighting


  • Hell Yeah!


  1. Amazing for beginners, quite forgiving
  2. Go-to lip combo for day and night
  3. Perfect nude shade for a smokey eye
  4. Smells and feels amazing- like a vanilla cake
  5. Paraben free


If you ask my friends to describe me with a lipstick shade, it would be this one. It is in fact my favorite lipstick and it’s hard for me not to include the lip liner too, thus making it my absolute favorite lip product combination.When searching for the perfect lipstick, I take notice in the scent. It is essential for me that it’s pleasant- in this case vanilla. Can you ask for anything better? Moving on to the texture, I find it to be rich and smooth. Now, for a matte lipstick I always enjoy a smooth finish rather than the usual chalky matte liquid lipsticks.

With “Pillowtalk” the natural complexion of your lips is still visible. You want to wear a lipstick and have its focus on the color, rather than a drying formula that looks as if it’s bringing pain to your lips. On Charlotte Tilbury’s site, it claims that this shade matches all skin tones. I believe that’s almost impossible. Depending on one’s skin tone, you’ll get a different shade of lipstick, especially when considering the undertone color. If you are hesitant about the price, I understand. I assure you that it’s entirely worth the asking price.

Moving on to the lip liner, I’ll admit right away that it is a bit pricey, especially since you need to sharpen it often, which essentially finishes the product quickly. However, I keep repurchasing it because I use it almost daily, even under other lipsticks. It’s long lasting and one of the most comfortable lip liners I have tried. I have yet to find something similar that has the perfect nude shade. With this liner, the shape of the tip helps you be precise while applying it, which results in a fuller pout that looks as natural as possible. Obviously, each product can stand on its own. As I stated, I’ve tried different combinations. With that being said, I cannot get enough of this lip combo; it is a must have.


Seeing as how  I’m constantly running out of this lip liner, I’m on a mission to find an alternative option. So far, I’ve been impressed with the Rodial xxl nude lip liner. It retails at $22, but it’s a product that is usually on sale for $10-$11. It is a bit more on the drying side but it works wonders on overlining your natural lip shape.  


  • Lipstick and lip pencil glides quicker and better on exfoliated lips! When you brush your teeth, gently brush your lips as well. 

If you have more tips on creating the perfect lips, comment below. We are always excited to try new things! 



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