Red on my Lips


“Lipstick is happiness in a tube!” – Charlotte Tilbury

“Lipstick is happiness in a tube!” – Charlotte Tilbury

Ready in: 3-5 minutes if you stay concentrated

Serves: You and your dream for the perfect red lip day

Diffculty: Medium, but it gets better

0 calories, plus you won't eat because you'll love the way your lips look 


  • Patience for the perfect outline
  • Exfoliated lips (it's a tool, right?)



  • OFC


  1. Searching for the perfect red could take a lifetime. Charlotte Tilbury could have the answer to our prayers.

  2. I find the price to be reasonable with the performance of the product.

  3. This combination guarantees success


I collect red lipsticks. It’s not as weird as it sounds; I have different reds for different moods. Sort of like shoes or scarves, I collect shades of red. Is there such a thing as a perfect red that cancels all the others? I’m beginning to think I’m close to solving the mystery. This particular red is from a brand I love and trust; a brand that has not failed me in terms of performance and lifespan of the product.By now, I know that Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are a guarantee. I first saw this shade on Amal Alamuddin Clooney. Her dress was a fire red and this lipstick shade perfectly complimented her features. I will say that perhaps the only thing I have in common with Amal is our hair color; this was enough to make me want to give this color a try. I decided to take my lunch break in Covent Garden, giving me the perfect excuse to venture in the CT store and swatch this lipstick.

As I mentioned before, I knew of the formula and its smooth texture so I was not surprised to see that this tube was consistent with the high quality. This particular red is not too dark for summertime, and not that light for the winter. If there is such as a thing as a balanced red, this is it. I was able to try it right away, using it with the lip cheat lip liner in “kiss ‘n’ tell”. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good lip liner, especially with colors this bold.

This lip combination was absolutely perfect and accentuated my features wonderfully. It brightened my smile, giving me a matte finish without the dried up, patchy look. I asked the sales associate to let me apply it myself, this way I could get a batter sense of the applicator. As expected, it did not disappoint. The tip is precise and helps one follow the natural lip shape and the outline drawn from the pencil. If you are unable to reach a CT counter, yet still want to see the shades in detail, make sure you visit the website. Under each lipstick, there are photos of models with different skin tones, rocking the same lipstick. Props to Charlotte for that!

            As far as the pencil goes, I have similar thoughts to those discussed in my previous post. It’s an amazing pencil, it locks down the perfect combination but it vanishes quite quickly. A safe alternative that is known to have a longer life span, is one of the endless reds offered by MAC. However, I discovered another option that is much more affordable that compliments this lipstick. Take a look at the Kiko everlasting color precision lip liner in “411 Red” which retails for almost $8. Thank me later!


I’m looking to try some other Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I’d love to hear your recommendations.


Until next time!



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