Wrapped Candy



Ready in: 2 minutes!

Serves: For you and your face only!

Difficulty: None. Make sure to pick up the least amount of product you can

0 calories. Only a healthy complexion.



  • A fluffy brush


  • Absolutely, head over heels in love with this product!


  1. Color will pleasantly surprise you

  2. Great color payoff, buildable with a perfect sheen

  3. Long-lasting and long-wearing


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you my favorite blush, ever. Writing this I can’t take it back and if I try to, hold me accountable. Finding the right blush for my skin tone has been a hit or miss. I’m naturally tan, with some redness on my cheeks. I’ve never been a fan of pinkish blushes, I always feel as if they accentuate my natural redness. I’ve steered towards the bronze, peachy colors, yet was never satisfied with one shade. And then, the universe showed me Wrapped Candy by MAC.

At first, seeing this product my immediate thought was that it isn’t a blush. It is in fact a purple shade (there are other colors as well) and I never considered using a dark pink/purple color around my cheeks as a blush. Upon swatching it, I was immediately impressed by the payoff. I was convinced that a darker color of blush would look better on me and boy it did! This color sits perfectly on my cheeks as if it’s the darkest shade of pink possible. It suits any makeup look I go for, day or night and looks natural. In case you didn’t know, after several hours of wearing makeup, the first to fade away is blush. This is why people tend to add more blush during their routine so it can last longer. I have not encountered such an issue with this product.

I understand one’s hesitation with this color but if you’re on the darker side, I think you’ll enjoy this color. In all honesty, I never thought the pink, peach tones suited me so more times than not, I’d end up skipping blush completely. Now it’s one of my favorite products in my beauty routine. My advice with this blush is to find the right brush. None of my blush brushes from my collection worked, and I ended up using the Real Techniques buffing brush.

If you are satisfied with your blush collection, perhaps you don't feel like splurging on a new one. I was able to find a dupe as a suggestion: the Pastel Pink by Kiko. It is a lighter shade, not entirely plum but I'd say the colors are pretty close. If you want to experiment with colors, go ahead and try the more affordable version first. If you find yourself near a MAC store, go inside and swatch Wrapped Candy. I believe it'll pleasantly surprise you and you might end up at the checkout counter. It's a new year, we deserve a new blush! 


  • Feel free to use this product as an eyeshadow too! You'll love it. 




Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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