Summer blush




  • A blush brush


  • Yes! These are essentials colors for the summer

Ready in: A few minutes max.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to hit pan 

Difficulty: None, they blend like a dream 

0 calories. It's not actual rose champagne, sadly.


  1. Affordable, long-lasting blushes

  2. Easy colors to work with and blend

  3. Don't perform the same on all skin tones. 


Is there such a thing as too many blushes? The answer is no, we're always on the hunt for different shades and we have the perfect excuse; it's all for the job, all for reviewing. With that wonderful, iron clad excuse in hand, let's talk about two blushes we're loving for this summer. These shades beautifully compliment our makeup looks and it's only fair to share them with the rest of the world! 

First up, we have "Toasted Cinnamon" by Burt's Bees. This is the first makeup item I've purchased from the brand and I will admit, the color payoff has left me quite satisfied. Below, we've included a swatch of the shade, followed by two more colors of the same formula. Toasted cinnamon is somewhat of a "natural" color for the cheeks. It's a warm toned color that blends beautifully all around the face. This shade, mixed in with the bronzer, ties up the entire look I'm always looking for. When looking at the pan, it's assumed that this blush has a matte finish. However, on the skin, it has a satin finish which I love. While the shade does seem to be closer to a bronzing shade, it leaves the skin with a subtle glow and a healthy, warm and vibrant look around the cheeks. I'm impressed with the pigmentation of this and how it stayed put throughout the day. More so than not, blushes are quick to disappear on my face after a few hours. This warm shade, comfortably sits on my cheeks and I'm loving it. The other two shades, as swatched below, don't interest me as much. I can't pull off such a pinkish tone and "bare peach" looks more like a highlighter for my taste. I'm sticking with "toasted cinnamon" and I hope I've intrigued you to try it as well. 


< Swatches

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Next up is "Rose Champagne" by wet'n'wild. Let me start by stating the obvious, the blush costs 3 dollars. Inexpensive isn't even the correct word to describe the low price of this product. The brand is known for its extra affordable products. They have a best-selling foundation (which I own and enjoy) for 6 dollars and I doubt I can find a less expensive alternative. It made sense for me to want to dig into the brand more and grab this blush. I wasn't able to swatch it in store but due to the clarity of the packaging, I saw the shades and decided to pick it up. Upon using it for the first time, I noticed that it was more shimmer than what I would have wanted but still went ahead and used it. I quickly realized, the color payoff wasn't the best for my skin tone. I had a friend try it with relatively fair skin and it looked much better on her. It isn't insanely pigmented so there is room to build it to the desired result. A blush brush might need to be dipped into the pan a couple of times before it actually picks up product. I like the shade, not necessarily as a blush shade. I find that I can make this color work as a highlighter, especially under my eyebrows and the inner corners of my eyes. This would make a beautiful lid color as well, since it's subtle and buildable. For the price, I think most of us can find a color that'll work for us. 


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Which blushes should we try next? I have an order from Flower beauty that I'm anxiously awaiting for so perhaps that'll be a next drugstore blushes post. Stay tuned! Let us know in the comments below if you've tried any of these blushes. 


  • Swatch these on the inside of your arm to get a more accurate representation of the color.

  • Of course they can be used as eyeshadows.




Photos: Courtesy of wet'n'wild and Burt's Bees

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