• A contour brush
  • Any sponge e.g beautyblender
  • Your fingertips
  • A highlighter brush


  • YES.

Ready in: A couple of minutes !

Serves: Any area you wish to contour, color correct and highlight

Difficulty: A bit. We'll explain more below 

0 calories. Just the magic of conceal, contour and highlight


    1. A complete two-sided palette that offers cream and powder contour and highlight shades

    2. A mirror separates the two sides

    3. Travel friendly and surprisingly lightweight 

    4. Price is worth it considering the value you're getting for all the products in one palette 


    When a product like this hits the market, we squeal with excitement! Packing a makeup bag, deciding what to include in a professional makeup kit or travelling with makeup, can be considered a challenge. We'd like to think this product is the answer to our prayers! It's simple, easy to use and contains multiple steps we take in our daily makeup routine. Before we declare it a success, let's break down the details of this product and see what everyone else thinks about it. 

    The "Shapeshifter" palette is a contouring/multi-purpose face palette. It is divided into two sides, securely separated by a double-sided mirror, thus maintaining the integrity of each product. The mirror alone is extremely convenient; depending on the side of products one uses, there's a mirror accompanying it. There are two shades on the market: light to medium shift and medium to dark. The palette pictured above is the light to medium shift. The powder side of the palette contains three contouring shades and a pearl shade for highlighting. The cream side includes two shades for color-correcting, two for contouring and one for highlighting. 

    As far as texture goes, I find the cream colors extremely easy to work with and blendable. They have a light texture, a smooth and thin consistency so do not expect a heavy contour just from one application. I love how lightweight they are, seeing as how I enjoy a bit of contouring even in the AM. Out of the four cream shades which apparently have the same texture and formula, I find the shimmer cream highlight to be a bit more dry than the others. This alone isn't an issue, more so a note to blend it a bit more to avoid patches. Also, it is not a blinding, bold highlight but more so a subtle everyday color. Of course it is buildable and if you apply the powder shade, it'll intensify the look even more. For the color correcting shade, perhaps a slightly heavier consistency would have been better in order to properly cancel out dark circles and discoloration. It is still achievable with a few layers of the color-correcting shade, however with a thicker consistency perhaps only one would be necessary. All these shades work together in perfect harmony; mixing the concealer shades with the color corrector will leave you with a natural finish that doesn't feel sticky. For a more intense application, apply the powder shades on top. 

    Moving on to the powder shades, they are blendable, buildable and long-lasting. The lightest shade (second from the left) makes for a great under-eye setting powder. It even adds a bit of coverage without it being too thick and packing on too much product in that area. Tap off the excess on the brush because it does tend to pick up quite a bit of product. The same powder can be used down the nose and around the forehead. Out of the two dark contouring shades, the lightest one can be used to set the cream contour (even though it isn't necessary) and can be thoroughly applied around the face. I find that when I set the cream contour with this powder, there's an airbrush finish given to my look. As for the darkest contouring shade, it is quite rich in texture, therefore I pick up a bit of product at first and thoroughly blend it to avoid looking patchy. It is perfect for bronzing up the face and giving a warmer feel to it, thinking where the sun would naturally bronze my face. 

    If I were to point out something missing from the palette, it would perhaps be a blush shade. However, blushes take up an entire palette on their own. I have found some use of the peachy cream color-corrector as a blush and adding some of the powder dark contour shade on my cheeks, offer a nice finish to my face. Even without a blush shade, I still find this 9-in-1 palette to be a major success! I adore how compact and travel-friendly it is and saves me the time of answering existential questions such as "how many bronzers do I need for a weekend away".

    What are your thoughts on this palette? Breaking down the cost, you're essentially paying $5 dollars for each shade. If you use every pan in the palette, I'd say it's a grand product. If you only like one or two shades, then perhaps this isn't the best item for you. Regardless, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this product in the comments below.


    • It isn't necessary to use both the cream and powder side for each makeup look. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose which ones work best for you. 
    • Make sure to not leave the palette open for too long, especially when using the cream shades. We don't want them getting dry on us.
    • Of course, the powder shades can be used as eyeshadows as well. Prime your lids with the cream concealer shades and work with the powder colors on top.




    Photos: Courtesy of Urban Decay

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