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Ready in: A matter of minutes 

Serves: For a face in need of foundation

Difficulty: None. It's easy to blend and to work with

0 calories. Only a flawless finish 

Ingredients I wish it didn't have: Fragrance/Parfum


  • A close up mirror to make sure your blending is on point
  • A foundation brush or a kabuki brush


  • Absolutely! 


  1. Long-lasting and lightweight foundation
  2. Ideal for oily/combination skin types
  3. Shade range is expanding, stay tuned


Do you feel a sense of pride when you discover a gem of product on your own with no help from influencers or beauty magazines? Thanks to our line of work, the EQ team will always be on the search for more products to try. Most of the times, it’s from our own curiosity; others from recommendations and hyped products on youtube. Truth to be told, I’ve never heard anyone discussing this product in particular. And as you can tell by the title, it is most certainly a favorite! Keep in mind, I might get excited about a lot of products but that'll rarely happen with foundations. At the end of the day I'll always find something that displeased me. 

I truly started using this brand a couple of years ago when I stumbled into an INGLOT store to avoid the rain. Guilty! We all do it, I'll perhaps actually purchase something on my way out. I had known of the brand, however didn't have any Inglot products in my collection. I made my way towards the foundations and carefully studied the range of options. I spotted the YSM line almost immediately and asked if in fact it's only targeted for young skin. From a marketing standpoint, I wasn't pleased with this. I would be embarrassed to bring such a product to my clients and make them feel as if they aren't included in the young range. The sales associate explained to me that there isn't a reason for more mature skin types to stay away from this product, however it might not offer the coverage they'd be looking for. I found my shade and proceed to swatch and get a better sense of it. I was pleased right away with how little product was needed to completely cover the area. I went in with a second layer and found that it had perfect coverage. I made a mental note to look more into this particular foundation!

Fast forward to summer time, hence the dark shade. Once again, my tan was making it impossible to find a foundation to match me. Even my trusty dark mixing drops, couldn't get the result I was hoping for. I made my way into the Inglot store after hearing about some mid summer sales hoping I'd be able to get a good deal on a foundation I would only wear for a few months. I headed to the YSM line once again and took some time finding my right shade. Almost immediately I located the correct shade and lucky me- it was in fact half off! I had stepped into the store makeup free to try it on. I was giving an Inglot kabuki brush (which I also purchased on another visit to the store) and went ahead to apply it. I noticed right away how easily it glided on my skin, not sitting in my pores or heavily on my T zone. The smallest amount perfectly covered my entire face with no need to go in with a second layer.

The actual testing started once I got back home. It is a given that I'll use a primer more so to control my oily T zone. I noticed that it did not sit well with my Maybelline baby skin primer so I resulted to only use it with my Christian Dior one. Seeing as how it's supposed to stay matte on my skin, I figured the proper prime would only enhance the results. I went ahead and used my Zoeva foundation brush, similar to the one I used in the store. For my skin type, it's imperative to set my face with a powder, thankfully my COVER FX is as dark as it gets! Countless hours of dancing later, I was happy to see that everything was still in place. No weird steaks of foundation running down my neck, no irritation and no sign of transfer! This is something I always worry about, finding foundation stains on clothes for instance. For the remaining part of the summer, this color perfectly worked with my tan, gave me the buildable coverage I needed without it sitting heavy on my skin. Can I ask for more from a foundation? The answer is yes, I always can but I won't; let's keep in mind that I sincerely enjoy this product!


  • If you've been tanning and you're using a darker shade, don't forget to apply your foundation down to your neck and your ears! 
  • A beautyblender will soak up too much product- go for a stippling brush! 




Photo: Courtesy of INGLOT

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