Mix & Match Tones



Ready in: As long as it takes to get the perfect shade

Serves: Plenty, a little goes a long way

Difficulty: None, as long as we blend blend blend

0 calories. Enjoy the blending


  • A good blending brush

  • A palette to mix on


  • Yes! It's a neccesity in our makeup kits.


  1. The perfect products to carry when starting out as a makeup artist.

  2. Pigmented and compatible with other foundation formulas.

  3. An affordable product to start mixing with different foundation colors. 


This post is dedicated to all the makeup artists out there carrying around their suitcases and zuca’s filled with hundreds of products and bags of various sizes. I love sharing tips and tricks that make everyday life easier and more fun! This was the main reason we started this website! Today, I’m sharing a tip that was given to me from an amazing makeup artist when I first started: makeup shade mixers.

When starting as a makeup artist, there are endless options available on the market. It gets overwhelming to decide what to buy, which ones are the best and what is in fact useful instead of purchasing everything in sight. Fortunately, we realize that we have to slowly build the kit instead and learn to be careful when purchasing products. Firstly, they cost a fortune and secondly it is possible to end up with many bad performing products that will be thrown away after a couple of years without using them. Of course, it is easier nowadays with a plethora of online reviews but sometimes it still is overwhelming even for us. 

My solution to this issue? Simply, try before you buy. In most makeup stores it is possible to get samples that last long enough to get a good perception of what the product does. Before building a kit (even for non professional makeup artists) research a lot! It is a time consuming process, but it will save lots of money and most importantly will save your pretty face from nasty skin reactions. One can never know what can go bad because everyone’s skin is different but most of the times you can read other people’s reactions to products in reviews and be aware and careful. 

When it comes to foundation and foundation bottles, I know that they can be quite heavy and as a makeup artist you need to be prepared for any skin type, undertone and color. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to carry around every single foundation. A good solution to this issue, is to invest a bit more time and knowledge on colors and color theory and be able to mix on the spot a custom foundation color for clients. This is why it is amazing to have this product at all times, or any similar product that does the same thing.

For example, a similar shade mixer that we have already a review on is the body shop drops. These drops are less pigmented in color, therefore are more consumer-friendly because the custom shade can be more buildable. The Nip+Fab ones are highly pigmented so you have to be more careful while mixing. This makes them more targeted to makeup artists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the Nip+Fab mixers are not for everyone, but because of what they offer, both product and design wise, they are more makeup artist friendly!  

In terms of practicality, I would recommend this product mostly to a makeup artist as it contains quite a lot of pigmentation and by the end of the year it might go bad so most of it might be thrown away.

The tip I was given when starting out and helped me grow as an artist and carry less weight in my kit, was to carry more neutral tone beige foundations and have different shade mixers to customize the client’s shade. It is always the safest choice especially when starting out as a makeup artist and if you don’t have the ability to afford many foundations and expensive bags. Having key colours in a kit and mixing with lighter or darker adjusters will save tons of space and weigh less! Until you figure out your personal style and what works for you particularly, I would definitely recommend trying out something like this. 

The mixers offered by this brand are a white and a dark one. You can use white to lighten foundations by mixing them on a palette or on the back of your hand, and the rich dark brown (that is perfect for darker skin tones), to darken them. You can also use the darkest brown colors of their makeup line to warm up the foundation shades and even contour with. I repeat, a little goes a long way so prior to application on clients, make sure they have been properly tested out and used beforehand! They mix well with all of the foundation formulas I’ve tried them with, even with stick ones. I would love to see more colors (as they offer 10 shades) and color mixers from the brand, like a yellow one for example! They are blendable with buildable coverage thus easy to use!

Ingredient-wise I am not impressed as it contains mineral oil and silicon but most foundations, especially the drugstore and the professional ones do. Sometimes you have to choose, between an affordable option, or the product with the best ingredients. 

I enjoy the fact that drugstore brands are lately coming out with more products that pro-makeup artists can use. It is not only money saving, but it is also a good way for every makeup admirer to start using more colors and custom shades without having to spend a fortune. Makeup has become so much more fun with all these product launches! Good thing is that Nip+Fab often has tons of discounts. Wait for sales season and give these products a try. 

I know that color mixing might be tricky, but it is one of the most important things when it comes to makeup artistry. Even if you are not a makeup artist, wearing the wrong foundation color is one of the most common mistakes made.

Would you like a post about colors and color mixing? Please let us know in the comment section below! 


  • My tip here is to start experimenting with color and finding your perfect makeup shade. It makes such a huge difference when you wear the right shade and amount of makeup. It looks fresh and natural!




Photos: Courtesy of Nip and Fab

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