Soft Natural Looking Glow




  • Your fingertips
  • A stippling brush


  • YES.

Ready in: A couple of minutes !

Serves: A dewy and moisturized face.

Difficulty: None at all. Ideal even complete beginners.

0 calories. It will only make you look fresh and beautiful! 


    1. One of the best tinted moisturizers out there at the moment.

    2. Feels lightweight even if you wear it all day long.

    3. It is long lasting and has a sheer but buildable coverage.

    4. It is an oil free formula, making it perfect for every skin type.


    When it comes to tinted moisturizers, Laura Mercier has your back! She has developed a variety of tinted moisturizers for every need and skin type. We would definitely recommend taking a look on her website! Today we're discussing the oil free formula we believe suits every skin type and has replaced our everyday foundation, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. We love when our foundation routine becomes lighter because we have less steps in the morning!

    While trying different tinted moisturizers over the years, this one has particularly caught our attention. It leaves the skin looking dewy and has the right amount of coverage and a discrete smell. It leaves the face with a healthy and natural looking glow. It is a tinted moisturiser so it has a light coverage but it beautifies and blurs everything, even on top of a problematic area and the coverage is buildable. I wouldn’t recommend putting tons of product on the face, just a little more than a pea sized amount should be enough. If you want more coverage, dab some more product only where you need it, or even a bit of concealer to leave your skin looking natural.

    It contains SPF 20, both for UVA and UVB rays. Tinted moisturisers leave your skin looking young and fresh because they are applied in thin layers and are a perfect match for every age and skin type. People with mature skin, should use tinted moisturisers instead of heavy foundations because, it won't cake into the fine lines of the face. Never skip your regular SPF application even if a product contains it. Photoaging and UV rays are accumulative during the years and you want to do your best to prevent it! Read more about the importance of SPF here

    The best ways to apply this cream I have found so far, are either with your fingers (in that way you don’t waste any of the product) or with a large stippling brush. It goes on easily and it does not feel heavy at all. It will leave your face glowing! It works for all types of skin and it has an oil free formula. It is formulated even for sensitive and oily skin types.

    When applied, it does not oxidize and evens out the skin tone. I would suggest trying before buying seeing as how the price is up there with a regular foundation, although there is a lot of product in the tube. It has a range of 15 shades both cool and warm undertones ranging from fair to dark. It does have more warm undertones available, so people with medium to dark olive skin can find their shade easily. Due to its sheer coverage you can get away with it even if it is not your exact color match. Visit a store, swatch and play with it to see which shade is best for you!

    People with extra oily skin might need to set the product with a light powder on their T zone and around their nose as well. The finish is dewy already so, in order to keep a flawless application all day long keep that in mind. It also claims that its formula helps to control oil breakthrough which I believe is true as it leaves your skin soft, moisturized and glowy for the entire day without looking oily. 

    Do you have a favorite tinted moisturizer? Let us know in the comments below!


    • When applying product, it is better to go for thin light layers and build up the coverage only where necessary. This will leave the skin looking more natural and fresh.




    Photos: Courtesy of Laura Mercier

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