The Beautifier, Uncovered.



Ready in: A few seconds

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to finish it. It looks small but it contains 30ml in it.

Difficulty: None, it's easy to blend.

0 calories. Enjoy the beautifying effect!


  • Any brush of your choice or fingers


  • Yes. It is a versatile product.


  1. Lightweight coverage and feel, perfect for summertime.

  2. No added fragrance!

  3. Affordable and light to carry with you in your handbag.


We are in the middle of the summer. The heat this year is unbearable. The EQ team is currently in Greece enjoying the sea and sun in short breaks after work. We cannot complain, soon enough our summer holidays begin and to be honest we cannot wait!

We have only one issue though. It is way too hot to wear any makeup. On one hand, our skin is thanking us at the moment (plus all the toxins are getting out of our system), on the other hand we have to look somewhat presentable in our day to day lives and meetings. After being under the sun and in and out of the car, makeup eventually starts melting. Let’s face it, we are human, we all sweat. 

During this period of the year we are opting for makeup and light coverage, tinted moisturizers or SPF with color (read our post with our favorite colored SPFs here). We definitely have to touch up our face more times throughout the day because of the extensive heat, so we opt for something light that can be reapplied throughout the day and has buildable coverage (if needed). We need something to even out our skin tone. It is the best time of the year to embrace our natural beauty. And trust me when I say this, because I am undoubtedly a makeup addict.

At the moment we are all about sheer foundations and tinted creams - as you can see in our feed! We like real skin showing through our foundation. This Inglot tinted cream does exactly what it says. It beautifies the skin, evens out the skin tone and leaves the sin with a nice, glowy finish. Sometimes things are nice when they are simple as that! 

The beautifier has a simple packaging too that makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. It isn't a particularly long wearing formula. It will stay on all day but it will gradually start wearing off due to its sheer coverage. I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin types because it already has a glow in it. As it wears throughout the day, it leaves the skin with a little more of  adewy finish. If you have oily skin and choose to use this product, powder is a must in certain areas. It is suggested for normal to combination skin types, because of its wear and shine.

A huge plus of this tinted cream is that it feels light on the skin and does not contain any SPF so it can be used both day and night. Make sure to remember to wear SPF during the day though! It is a quite versatile product. A luminating product can be used as a primer (as the brand suggests) to give an extra dewy finish.

It is available in 8 shades, ranging from fair to deep brown, both with yellow and pink undertones. Because of its shear coverage, I think it will work with many skin tones as it wont change the color of the skin, it will enhance it.

It does not have an added fragrance to it (we always appreciate that). An artificial scent does not add anything good to the skin. It also contains Coenzyme Q10,  saffron extract and vitamins C, E and F and has an HD pigment. Inglot came out with this product recently and just in time for summer! Have you seen their Jlo collabs - we have seen some interesting new additions! 

Would you give this a go for the summer? Would you consider wearing a lighter base during the winter too? What is your favorite tinted cream or lightweight foundation? Let us know in the comments below! We are always on the hunt!

Pro Tips:

  • If you need more coverage in certain areas, layer a sheer foundation all over and with another foundation that has more coverage, cover only the areas needed, This way your skin will look like skin and won’t feel heavy - Tip from Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist




Photos: Courtesy of Camera Ready Cosmetics

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