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Ready in: Seconds!

Serves: Plenty, the bottle lasts for months

Difficulty: None, everyone can do this

0 calories. Do not drink this, please!


  • No tools needed!


  • Yes! It's a neccesity in our makeup kits.


  1. Perfect for normal to combination skin.

  2. It has a fine mist and the product lasts long.

  3. Extends the wear of makeup visibly!


Our obsession with all things makeup is well-known so far. We spend quite a significant amount of time doing our makeup. Therefore, it is mandatory for it to last long and stay fresh. We are always looking for ways to set our makeup without looking cakey; skipping the endless layers of powder is what we aim for. . Setting sprays are our saviors and we are thankful that there are plenty of them in the market to choose from.

One of those gems, that has held its ground on my vanity for quite some time now, is the L’Oreal Infallible fixing mist. Unfortunately, I have already shared in another article that some setting sprays mess with our hormonal systems and when we are wearing them for a period of time, we can see hormonal break-outs on chin and cheeks.

This one here although it did not have great reviews at first, caught my attention and I wanted to try it. My skin type is normal to combination (it usually depends on the season and the weather). So, I would recommend it only to people with a similar skin type as it does not hold back nor prevents the natural oils of the face to come out. 

It is an affordable setting spray, compared to the high-end ones and helps the makeup stay put from day to late afternoon. I have tested it under stressful weather conditions, especially when living in London and it held my makeup even after a rainy day. I have put it to the test even while cycling to work and my makeup stayed perfect for the rest of the day. No breakouts have been observed (for my skin type at least). I have used it on clients with similar skin type and they were satisfied too. Even people with oily skin have seen longer wear of makeup with this setting spray although, oils come on the face surface around midday and that's when you either need to powder or blot. 

It is easy to use and it has a fine mist. Simply shake the bottle well and spray it all over the face. I do not follow the instructions to be honest and I always spray a little more than recommended in a circular motion around the perimeters of the face and a couple of sprays in the middle! I would say it is a well priced drugstore gem!

You asked for another setting spray review and we delivered! What would you like us to review next? Please let us know in the comments below.


  • For longer makeup results spray before and after applying your makeup!




Photos: Courtesy of L'Oreal

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