Golden Glow



Ready in: A few seconds

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to finish it. I use this every single day and it looks untouched.

Difficulty: None, it's easy to blend.

0 calories. Enjoy the glow!


  • Any brush of your choice for highlighters


  • Yes! Absolutely, 100% yes. This is a beautiful highlighter.


  1. An affordable, beautifully curated highlighter to compliment the entire face
  2. Large pan, easy to blend and apply
  3. This shade compliments mostly olive/dark skin tones and can be used as an eyeshadow as well


It's evident by now, EQ has a strong preference towards highlighters. We'll take them in any form and complete our makeup looks. So far, we've discussed liquid highlighters more than powder ones. How can we introduce anything better than the Hourglass palette? However, seeing as how this product was limited edition and quite expensive, today we're bringing an affordable option that we're completely in love with and has a strong place in our makeup kits. 

I purchased this highlighter on one of my frequent CVS trips. At checkout, along with a receipt, I received several coupons for Maybelline purchases and decided to see what else I could find to add to my makeup collection. There was a display solely for this line of highlighters so I went ahead and swatched this shade. I loved the glow and its consistency and purchased it right away. The lighting of the store didn't do this product enough justice. It seemed quite subtle at first but such wasn't the case once I applied it in front of my mirror with different lighting.

I absolutely fell in love with this highlighter and the the goldish, metallic finish it left on my face. I tried it with several brushes; a fan brush, a small pointed one and each application was beautiful. The radiant look, with a hint of dewiness is exactly what I'm looking for from a highlighter. While it does contain glitter, it isn't necessarily off-putting, exactly because it is applied sparsely. It can easily be worn in the morning as it isn't a blinding highlighter. Granted, we'll avoid applying countless brush strokes so we don't look like we're wearing a glowing helmet. It's finely milled so it's entirely up to us to build it. This is a perfect shade for the bridal looks we've been working on this summer. Wetting a brush first will elevate this look even more. It can easily be applied all over the face and continuing down towards the collarbones and shoulders. Follow with a strong setting spray and the look is complete. A personal preference, is to apply it on the cupids bow and quickly swift the brush over my lips as well. There is an instant, metallic glow added and if I don't feel like applying a lip product, this will do!

Maybelline has been constantly surprising us with new, exciting products that we've been including our kits. Their global makeup ambassador, @erinparsonsmakeup is a source of inspiration for us. When we're searching for looks to recreate and work on, we'll bookmark the looks she does on models such as Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid. We adjust each look to our features and needs of course. Keep that in mind when scrolling through Instagram pages for inspiration; nobody actually looks like that. Makeup offers the tools for us to transform, yet we never forget to love and compliment the beauty we already have. 


Is there a drugstore highlighter you've been obsessing about? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Pro Tips:

  • If applying with fingers, avoid swiping it as the glitter will look patchy. Try "patting" motions to ensure it leaves a natural finish
  • This is a beautiful eyeshadow as well; try it on your lid for the ultimate summer bronzed look




Photos: Courtesy of Maybelline

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