Little Drops of Heaven



Ready in: A few seconds

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to finish it. I use this every single day and it looks untouched.

Difficulty: None, it's easy to blend.

0 calories. Enjoy the glow!


  • Any brush of your choice for highlighters


  • Yes! Absolutely, 100% yes. This is a beautiful highlighter.


  1. Ultimate blinding highlighter.

  2. Drops can be mixed in with tinted moisturizer, foundation or any type of face product for that extra glow.

  3. Extremely rich and pigmented so use with caution.



When these highlighter drops were released, I remember YouTube was on FIRE with countless tutorials and reviews on all the shades possible. Granted, it caught my attention but I figured it was a YouTube hype that would dial down at some point. Not long after that, my BFF and co-founder of EQ Maria, decided to gift me this item for my birthday. Needless to say I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

First of all, I love the bottle. It’s simple yet elegant with a dropper that allows to control how much product I want to dispense. Upon swatching it, my fingers and hand were covered with this bronzed, full of light and sparkle product. To be honest, the intensity of this product scared me at first. It won’t offer a light layer, nor will it create a natural look, keep that in mind. It is 100% a blinding highlighter that’ll glow up the face in a matter of seconds. Blending is key; blend blend blend. It doesn’t leave streaks, as long as we keep on blending. 

After the usual makeup routine, it was time to highlight the face. I dropped the tiniest amount of product on my mixing surface and then picked up product with my ring finger. I gently dabbed it on the highest points of my cheeks with circular motions, not dragging it as we see with powder products. I quickly appreciated how it didn’t pick up on my foundation and layered evenly on top of it. I highlighted the rest of my face as usual and decided to use a beauty blender to soak up some of the product in order for it to look a bit more natural. Yes, there was residual product left my BB so I simply dabbed on other areas I’d like to highlight. The results were beautiful and exactly what I wanted! 

As much as I love this product, I must stress that it isn’t the easiest one to work with. It takes time to blend and to build. It is essential to start with one drop (product swatched above is a single drop) and take it from there. If you choose to mix it with your foundation, mix it first on a surface such as the one mentioned above. If the results are too shiny add some more foundation product to even it out. I've used this to look like a glazed donut and after blending for 10 minutes, I was satisfied with the result.

It certainly is a versatile product and has several uses should you choose to try it. Keep in mind that it can be applied over powder so right before using a setting spray, this could be the last step. It is an investment surely as it isn't affordable. However, minimum product is required for an entire makeup look. This product will stay in your vanity for a long time. Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.


Pro Tips:

  • This is a beautiful eyeshadow as well; try it on your lid for the ultimate summer bronzed look




Photos: Courtesy of Cult Beauty

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