Soleil tan, s'il vous plaît




  • A damp beautyblender
  • A contour brush


  • Yes! I love this product. Guilty! 

Ready in: A few minutes max.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to hit pan 

Difficulty: None, it's a bronzer that'll work itself

0 calories. Enjoy the blending


    1. One of the most beautiful bronzers on the market
    2. While it is pricey, 1 oz of product will last in a makeup collection for long
    3. Lightweight and comfortable to work with


    This product has been on my list for years. I've always wanted it, yet couldn't justify the price tag. I made excuses not to buy it, even though I still wanted it in my collection. Every time I'd go through the duty free shops at an airport, I'd stop and admire it and walk away. Last year, I took the plunge and decided to make it mine. Before boarding for my flight to the States, I went ahead and purchased it. That is how our love begun. 

    Now that the story is out there, let me discuss the reasons I've found to justify the price tag. It's a lightweight, cream-gel bronzer that leaves a velvet finish on the skin, with a sun-kissed look. Do we want more from a bronzer? There is no streak and it does not oxidize, nor turns gray. It has a buildable coverage and will offer a natural bronzed look. I find it easy to contour with this product due to its gel-type consistency. Often, with pure cream contour, I've noticed a small streak and it's imperative to set with a powder. With this bronzer, I don't have to worry about that because I know it'll stay in place. Apart from contouring, it's a great product to use simply to warm up the face. I use a damp beautyblender to pick up product and then apply it on my face. So far, I've tried it with a foundation brush and a touch up brush and still prefer the beautyblender. It allows me to build up desirable coverage and blends like a charm. I absolutely love everything about this product!

    I'll often recommend this product to clients a bit older, because it sits smoother on the skin and won't stay in the fine lines. It doesn't require extreme blending skills and is forgiving on the skin since it's lightweight and has a natural finish. Whether it's after a tinted moisturizer, a foundation or bare skin, it'll perform excellently. It would also make for an amazing bronzer for the rest of the body; due to its hefty price tag, I'd suggest we stay away from that. 

    Even though it is an expensive item, it is entirely worth its money. I use it daily and have barely scratched the surface. It'll take time before I need to purchase another one since this one will last long enough for me to continue contouring and bronzing my face. Have you tried this out? Do you feel it's worth the hype and price? Let us know in the comments below. 


    • Try out different techniques of blending to see what works best for your needs. 




    Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

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