Butter Bronzer



Ready in: As long as it takes to bronze up the face.

Serves: Plenty, it'll take time to hit pan 

Difficulty: None, it's a bronzer that'll work itself

0 calories. Enjoy the blending


  • A contour brush

  • Any brush that you feel comfortable contouring with


  • Yes! I love this product. Guilty!


  1. Ultra-luxurious bronzer

  2. Silky soft finish

  3. Has a butter, coconut scent which I find ah-mazing and not strong.


What is summer without a bronzer? Although we have a natural tan going, a bronzer is a key step in our makeup routine. While this isn't necessary a summer product, we love it for this time of the year thanks to the goldish, gorgeous bronze finish. Off the start, I appreciated how there was no shimmer when applying the product. It has the perfect amount of pigment and it allows me to build the product as desired. 

Admittedly, it is a YouTube hyped item and I like to allow time to pass by for the hype to dial down. After a while, I succumbed to the trend and decided to purchase it. I had CVS coupons saved up and decided to buy it. Even though it is considered a drugstore item, I still find the price to be a bit unreasonable seeing as how there are other drugstore bronzers available for a fraction of the price. Physician's Formula is known for products a bit more expensive, even though they are seen at the drugstore makeup isle. Regardless, thanks to the coupons I convinced myself to make the purchase. 

As the hype of the product continues, the company is releasing new shades for different skin tones. I have the original bronzer shade as it works fine up until now. I absolutely adore the buttery texture and the way my brush picks up the product. I don't recommend this product for contouring as it won't offer the absolute sharp lines one might be going for. It is ideal to warm up the face and use it on top of a cream contour but on its own it isn't strong enough to contour. It has an illuminating finish yet still no shimmer. I find that the original shade will work fine on most skin tones except fair and deep dark ones. 

Keep in mind that this works as a beautiful eyeshadow as well. A tip that makeup artist - Desi Perkins has been loving lately is to use the bronzer shade as a transition shade to tie the entire look together. We've been using it and it does in fact tie the eyes with the rest of the face. It doesn't have to only be a transition shade, it can be a lid shade too. 

 Is this product in your makeup collection? If not, will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing your thoughts.  


  • Try out different techniques of blending to see what works best for your needs.




Photos: Courtesy of Ulta

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