Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette




  • Fan brush 
  • Any highlighter brush
  • Any sponge e.g beautyblender
  • Your fingertips


  • YES.

Ready in: A couple of minutes !

Serves: For the highest points of your face ! We won't tell anyone if you and up putting it all over your face.

Difficulty: None!

0 calories. Just the healthiest glow you have ever seen.


    1. Finely milled, intensely concentrated, multifaceted pearl particles, give you the ultimate glow.

    2. A highlighter that can be used from day to night - it has buildable intensity.

    3. You can use it as an eyeshadow too.


    Full disclosure? This is my second hourglass ambient strobe palette. I have already hit pan on the first palette and a single ambient powder too. How did I accomplish this milestone? I just use it every single day since its launch and it is definitely one of my favorite items in my makeup collection. Hourglass is an exquisite company - for my taste at least. It is also on the high-end side, therefore all their products are quite expensive. It's safe to say that the performance of the products is amazing. I know that in the cosmetic industry most of the time you don't get what you pay for but in this case it's quite the opposite. I won't bore you with any more details about the company or how many times a day I use this palette. I'll go straight to the juicy details!

    First things first, when I think of  a natural highlighter this is the first that comes to mind. From the packaging, to the finished product, this is an item surely worth splurging for. I still have the previous empty palette of course and I use it as a compact mirror. The quality and the pigmentation of the powder is something magical. I am impressed at how finely milled it is and it is not glittery at all. I can say that when the light catches your face it has more of a liquid effect than the ordinary glitter that you find in most highlighters. It feels and looks expensive. It is the most realistic highlighter I have used so far. I am trying my best to describe in words the effect this highlighter has on the skin. While it's evident you've applied it on your face, it does not look misplaced. Think of it this way, if you were to be born with a natural highlight on your face, this would be it.  that you can see and get on your face. 

    This palette is made for strobing, a technique that is something like reverse contouring, but with highlighting. So, instead of contouring the hollow points of your face, you accentuate the highest points of it with highlighter or powder in this case. 

    As you can tell from the picture above, it comes in three shades from top to bottom:

    • Absolute Strobe Light (With a pink hint)
    • Pure Strobe Light (Lighter)
    • Lucent Strobe Light (Darker)

    These three powders can be used for all skin tones from lighter to darker. Thanks to the quality and composition, the way and amount you will apply can make them work easily with a variety of skin types and colors. They are not chalky nor glittery nor metallic. These powders are unique and can elevate your simple everyday look in seconds if you place a bit on the highest points of your cheeks and in the inner corner of the eyes.

    It is a perfect palette from beginners to pro makeup artists. It's hard to go wrong with deciding how much product to use. Let me reassure you, this won't make the skin any oiler. Also, it is travel friendly as it is in a hard compact case and can be easily thrown in your bag! If you forget your brush, you can apply it with your fingertips.

    If you want to intensify the result (and blind the people around you), you can either get a wet brush or spray a brush with a setting spray e.g MAC Fix+. However, this is not my preferred method as it needs more blending. Go ahead and apply a liquid highlighter above your foundation and finish it off with this powder.. The result will be AH-MAZING. This is better for later in the day, as in broad daylight this will literally blind people. 

    On the Hourglass site it says that this palette is limited edition and it is currently sold out on their website. However, it is available on the Sephora website here. You can still buy the individual shades which are quite close colorwise as well here. I hope they won't discontinue it any time soon. Fingers crossed.

    I would love to learn which is your favorite highlighter! Is there a highlighter palette that doesn't leave your make-up bag? Leave a comment below


    • For an intensified result, you can use it with a wet brush. Although you will have to make sure that you blend it well.
    • For a subbtle morning glow, use a soft fan brush.
    • Try this in the inner corner of your eyes and thank me later.




    Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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