All The Glow



Ready in: 3-4 minutes!

Serves: For you and your face only!

Difficulty: None. Make sure you blend!

0 calories. Only a healthy complexion.

Ingredients I wish it didn't have: Fragrance


  • Your clean fingers
  • Your clean beautyblender
  • For pearl, a detailed eye brush


  • YES and NO! Confused? Read below


  1. Strobing cream that can be used on its own, as a primer or a finishing glow

  2. Strobing cream is known to cause irritation to one of the EQ girls 

  3. Pearl is an all-time favorite, multi-use highlight and we doubt it'll ever be replaced in our hearts


Happy Monday and welcome to a new week of beauty! We're kicking off the week with a new post on the infamous MAC Strobe Cream and the classic Pearl. The interesting thing about this article is that we'll be bringing you two opinions for the strobe cream. If this is the first post you're reading on the site, click on the about page to read more on us, the founders and writers of EQ! This strobe cream is used by both of us, in different shades as you can see pictured above. Shall we get started? 

Maria doesn't use the silverlite strobe cream as a typical highlighter. She'll either grab this product right after her moisturizer and before applying foundation. During the summer, it's a usual for her to mix her foundation with this for a glowing complexion. The only problem? This product makes her breakout. Each and every time she uses this product her skin suffers. If used consecutively, it's a given that the next day she'll start noticing breakouts all over her face. While she's tried to make it work in many different ways and enjoys the glow-up, it's always a coin toss when using it because she knows how her skin will react the next day. Given that she's a makeup artist, she's noticed similar issues on several clients with some other MAC products as well. She's on an extensive search to figure out exactly which ingredient irritates her skin. Even though this product could work wonders for her, it spends most of its time in the back of her drawer, sort of like a time-out. 

For Asimina now it's an entirely different story. She loves the pinklite strobe cream but in tiny, dime-sized doses. When she uses this product, she applies the tiniest amount possible in specific parts of her face because she's noticed that it makes her skin oilier. When your skin is already a combination/oily mixture you don't want to add products that'll make you shine in all the wrong places. After her primer, she'll pick up some of this product on her fingers and gently tap and blend on the higher points of her cheeks, down the bridge of her nose and above the eyebrow. Following Maria's suggestion, a mixture with a foundation worked quite well, however it interfered with the shade and ended up looking lighter on her skin. If you don't know this by now, finding a shade that works for her is tough. There's an entire post dedicated to her holy grail shade adjusting drops.  Needless to say, she isn't looking for something that'll make her foundation look lighter on her skin. For Asimina this product works; just not always. During wintertime where the skin needs some extra moisturizing, this product performs well. For the sunnier months she didn't feel like placing the product on timeout; instead she grabs it for a chest/collarbone highlighter. It's subtle enough to wear during the day but can be intensified at night with a few more layers. Apply this on the shoulder too and it'll be a perfect contrast to your tan!

For our last product, Pearl, we can unanimously say that we LOVE it! It's been in our makeup collection for too many years, we've lost count. Maria loves using this highlighter during the summer. It makes her skin look fresh and it can easily be applied after a tinted SPF, or at night where we blend most of the product with our fingers and stands out with our tan, luminous skin! She realized that during wintertime, she doesn't grab this one as often. Perhaps because she has countless others and they all need to be used at some point! Guilty? We think not.

Asimina loves this highlighter for all the reasons mentioned above as well, plus a bonus one! Four words: corner of the eye! Grab a small detailed precision brush and apply this product in the corner of your eye to make your look POP at all times! Regardless of the colors you've used on your lid, or even if you're going with a mascara only look, this trick will work wonders! It's the perfect shade to compliment the eyes without looking as if we've tried too much. I cannot count how many times clients and friends will mention that this little addition makes my makeup stand out right away! If that's the case, why would I ever stop?! 

We hope you've enjoyed reading both our thoughts on this products. Please know that almost always, before writing a review, we discuss these products and usually feel the same about how they perform. When we have different outcomes, be sure that we'll bring you both sides to read! 

How does this product perform for you? Are you with Maria or Asimina on this one? Let us know in the comments down below! 


  • It's not necessary to use it all over your face. Choose where you think it looks best. 
  • A little bit goes a long way. Start with a small amount of product and build up if neccesary. 




Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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