A Pot of Rouge



Ready in: A minute or so

Serves: Plenty, a little goes a long way

Difficulty: None. The more we blend, the better it is.

0 calories. Is there edible blush on the market?


  • Clean fingers or a Beautyblender


  • Yes! Always love finding multiuse products


  1. A multitasking cream color for lips and cheeks

  2. Six shades released as of now

  3. Ideal color all year around


When a multi-use product makes its way into our collection, we’re quite hesitant at first because how frequent is it that a product is equally good for two uses? This gem right there is a beautiful blush and at the same time it can be an ideal lip choice as well. All it takes is a bit of blending on the cheeks and some blotting on the lips. Sounds easy, right? Time to take a more in-depth look at the product.

I’d like to start by asking a rhetorical question of why cream blushes aren’t more of a thing right about now. Cream products are known to leave a more natural finish and we like avoiding the cakey face hazard. This particular formula isn’t drying, nor overly moisturizing so it’ll work well for all skin types. If you find yourself on the dry side, make sure to properly moisturize the face if you plan on using only this item on the cheeks. It doesn’t have a matte finish either, so the end result will be that of an illuminating, healthy glow on the apples of the cheeks. For drier skin types, powder blush tends to leave an unnatural color. It is a long-lasting formula that blends on the skin and sits comfortable without it feeling heavy.

It’s formulated so it can be applied with fingers or a sponge. Granted, the sponge will soak in more product but it’ll leave a more natural finish. When using fingertips, it’s easy to get carried away and pick up more product than desired. In the case of the fingertips, start with the ring finger and lightly dab it on the skin. Mimic the motions, those of a brush to create a healthy glow of color, not a streak of product. Since this is a cream product, if a liquid foundation has been used first, a powder to set the foundation would be ideal. The last thing we’d like is for all the liquid products to get mixed up together.

As far as the lip goes, I might say I enjoy the subtle tint it gives my lips. Especially for quick moments on-the go, it’s a favorite compact to have in my tote bag. The item offers a mirror as well which is ideal and always stays clean since there is no powder kickback. I find that the color is long-lasting on the lips as well and the formula is comfortable enough for me to wear throughout the day. My only issue with this double use of the product is how unhygienic I feel dipping my finger in the pot, to my face and my lips. Surely, I’ll thoroughly wash my hands in between applications yet I still can’t shake the feeling that it isn’t the best thing to do. Even if I were to use my Beautyblender, I still don’t feel comfortable applying product on my lips afterwards. I try not to pick up product from the center of the pot but try and separate the area into cheeks and lips. I realize now how ridiculous that might sound, yet I find it comforting. I’d love to hear suggestions on how to keep it clean in order to get as much use as possible from the product.

Cream vs powder, where do you stand? Are you a fan of cream blushes? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing your opinions!


  • Our same advice once again; swatch when possible!

  • For hygienic purposes, when it’s time to use it on two areas, wash your hands in between




Photos: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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