To the moon and back



Ready in: 2 minutes!

Serves: For you and your face only!

Difficulty: None. Make sure to pick up the least amount of product you can

0 calories. Only a healthy complexion.



  • A big fluffy brush


  • I can't recommend it enough! Love it!


  1. Lightweight and silky (never thought I’d say those words for a matte powder)
  2. Sets all liquid products beautifully with a natural finish
  3. One swirl of a brush and you’re set


Each time I start to write a review on a product, I recall the day I purchased it. Sometimes it’s an insignificant moment, yet others it’s a story I share with friends and we laugh from time to time. This product has a story behind it.

Small detail you should know about me. When I go shopping for makeup, 9/10 times I’m not wearing any makeup. Not because I’ll end up trying things on my face, it just so happens that I’m often makeupless. I decided to spend a relaxing day in London with a friend and ended up wandering in the nearest Harvey Nichols store. I made my way to the COVER FX counter wanting to test this powder. There were three shades on display, which I must admit left me disappointed. I immediately reached for the darkest shade, only to have the sales associate look me up and down and question my decision simply by saying, “are you sure about that”. I looked up at her, waiting perhaps to see if she’d offer an explanation or a different shade yet she kept staring at me. I nervously laughed and mentioned that I tan quite easily so I’ll surely need this in the summertime. Her response was once again was “are you sure, okay”. I was certain about my decision and went ahead to purchase the product, not thanks to the sales associate. The reason I’m mentioning this incident is to let you know that sometimes, you’ll know what’ll work best for you. Even if you’re not a professional and you’re only now starting with makeup, it’s not certain that you’ll make a wrong decision. Sales associates aren’t always right; especially when they don’t even recommend an alternative product.

Now, let’s move on the actual product.

In case you were wondering, the shade I chose turned out to be a perfect match! I have oily skin, and in the summer it only gets more difficult for me. This setting powder kept my makeup in place, even on the days with the highest temperature. It felt light on my skin and a simple swirl of my brush picks up more than enough product to cover my face. I don’t set my concealer with a translucent powder so this powder sat perfectly in the under-eye area. When in need of a quick touch up, this powder sits in my bag and is ready to rescue me. I’ve been using this powder daily, since April, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. It’s safe to say this is a holy-grail product for me and I don’t plan on parting with it ever. I haven’t had the best of luck with powders in the past, most looking chalky and felt like paper on my skin so I’m ecstatic with this find. If you have dry skin, this product might not work for you.

My only issue with this product is the shade range. I’d love to recommend it to friends but with the limited shades, I doubt it’ll work for everyone. Perhaps Cover FX reads this article and decides to add some shades? We’ll keep wishing.

Please let us know if you’ve tried this product and if there are other powders you’ll think I’ll end up loving.

Take care


  • I’ve used it as an eyeshadow when in a crisis and it held its ground perfectly



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