Heavenly Foundation



Ready in: 2 minutes!

Serves: For you and your face only!

Difficulty: None. The application is so light and buildable that you can do it with your bare (clean) hands!

My skin type: Normal to mixed.

0 calories. Only a healthy complexion.




  • Your fingers will work wonders with this foundation
  • A foundation or a stippling brush (because of the light application)


  • I can't recommend it enough! Love it!


  1. Light and comfortable to wear formula.
  2. Blends easily and has buildable coverage without looking patchy.
  3. Healthy and natural finish - and most importantly it doesn't cake.
  4. Looks natural in photographs with a flawless skin look. 
  5. It has a good range of colors for lighter to medium skin tones.
  6. Has a hyaluronic acid derivative to maintain the skin's natural moisturization.


I'd like to know what others do during their lunchbreak. I refuse to believe I'm the only one that indulges in window shopping, and on occasion, actual shopping. One of my lunchbreak adventures brought me to the Chanel pop-up store in Spitafield market (Shoreditch). Seeing as how it was raining, I walked towards the Spitafield market to stay dry. I decided to browse through stores and do a little bit of window shopping. Then, I saw it: the heavenly foundation. Proudly displayed with a beautiful setup, it instantly attracted me. This was the first time that I saw it. It was love at first sight.

I walked towards the Chanel counter where the sales associate helped me color match. Immediately, I was taken away by the smooth texture and lightweight finish. Truth be told, I knew that this foundation and I, are in it for the long haul. After finding my appropriate color (there will be a separate post on the importance of color matching and how to do it right), I was given a sample to try for a few days. I wasn't able to test in store, seeing as how I was already wearing makeup, showing some extra love for my bronzer this particular day. That's the beauty of samples; you can try it at home, with natural lighting at your own time.

I started using it the same night, and each day after that. Needless to say I squeezed out every single drop of the sample (which was an appropriate sample size) and immediately bought it afterwards. Guilty as charged!

It has a dewy matte finish and it evens out my complexion extremely well. I would say it's the most transitional makeup I own. You can wear it in the morning (after applying a proper sunscreen because this foundation only has UVB SPF 15) with a little bit of concealer and you have a complete look. If you're working as a makeup artist, it's perfect on models for editorial shots. The color is true to its representation; what you see is what you get and it does not oxidize. I found out that if you like mineral powders (such as the Mineral Vale by Bare Minerals -  not a matte finish with an extra glow) it will better set your foundation and give you a smoother and glowy finish. If you choose to add liquid or powder products on top, the foundation stays in place. It is well worth its money; a flawless foundation routine is guaranteed with this in your collection. 

My only issue with this foundation, is the shade range and its limited availability depending on one's location. The darkest color that has been released is n.70 which I use in the summer. (What can I say? I tan a lot). Currently, I am wearing n.40 and around spring time I shift to n.50 (these colors were purchased in the UK). I'm hoping for a larger shade range and for all stores to carry the same colors.

In case you were wondering, this is how easily you can spend a month's salary and by the end ofit wonder why your bank account is empty once again and how it is you ended up with many new makeup finds?! Anyone with me?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this foundation. Any dupes on the market we should know of? We're always on the lookout.


  • I recommend wearing your favorite moisturizer before applying it to add a little extra glow!
  • Don't use it with a Beauty Blender as it will absorb most of the product quickly.
  • Don't use the mineral powder mentioned above to set your under eye concealer - we tried it and the result was close to a catastrophe. 



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